Propspeed foul-release technology to reduce fuel costs

Matt Forbes, Propspeed’s Sales Director, EMEA explains, “Research has shown that propellers with as little as 16.6 micrometres of roughness can result in a 5% efficiency loss. Although fouling might not look significant – perhaps a layer of barely detectable slime, it can still increase fuel burn.”

He continues, “Using less fuel to achieve the same speed is fast becoming a major consideration in boat ownership. Owners who have applied Propspeed have reported savings of up to seven litres per hour and an additional three knots at their standard revs, and these results remain consistent throughout the season. This is a significant saving that confirms good propeller protection is just as important as using quality bottom coatings.”

Designed to keep propellers and underwater metals free from fouling, Propspeed features a strong chemical and mechanical bond that is created by the application of its Etching Primer and Clear Coat. This creates a biocide-free surface that no fouling organism can attach to.

An insulating coating is also applied to other vital components of a vessel, such as shafts, props, pod drives, and stern drives, which helps to avoid corrosion.

Propspeed is recommended as a standard application for Volvo IPS systems by Fairline Yachts, and specified on all new models by Australian boat makers Palm Beach Yachts and Riviera Yachts.

(Propspeed foul-release technology to reduce fuel costs – – June 2022)