Propspeed, double service

An intuitive and easy-to-use smartphone or tablet configurator. Useful for figuring out what products and quantities are needed to protect propellers with antifouling

by Niccolò Volpati

It is called Propspeed Coverage Calculator and works on smartphones, tablets and computers. The range of antifoulings for propellers and any metal part that lies below the waterline offered by Propspeed is extensive. This configurator makes it possible, in a few simple steps, to figure out what products are needed and in what quantities. It is a service aimed at both shipowners and hull-building yards. Both, in fact, will know exactly what products will be used, giving them the ability to demonstrate what will be done by the yard or to verify the work to the shipowner.

Saildrive and rudder. By choosing the sailboat option, the Coverage Calculator indicates which parts should be protected.

Coverage Calculator is really intuitive. The first screen allows you to choose between motor boat and sail boat. For the engine then other windows open up such as one in which it asks what type of transmission is on board, how many thrusters and also how many other metal parts, if any, are below the waterline.

For motor boats it works the same way, indicating shaft line, rudders and propellers.

The next step involves signaling which type of transmission between IPS, axis line or hydrojet.

Finally, any submerged metal parts such as stern platform, trim tab, or maneuvering propellers can be selected one by one.

The last screen summarizes the products needed based on the configuration chosen.

Finally, it is also possible to select the possible presence and number of underwater lights, because, of course, these are also attacked by fouling and if they are not protected, their effectiveness will be greatly compromised. In addition to this, Propspeed has also unveiled new application kits and new paint stripper products that help reduce work time.

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(Propspeed, double service – – November 2023)