Propspeed as standard on board Horizon Yachts’ yachts

Propspeed’s innovative anti-fouling underwater coating will be applied to Horizon Yachts‘ new yachts. The luxury yacht builder now applies Propspeed as standard on all new models.

“We want our customers to have the best possible experience,” said Joey Lu, Marketing Director at Horizon Yachts. “Propspeed protects underwater metal components and saves time and money on maintenance. We apply Propspeed to all our new builds and recommend its continued use to our customers to enhance their sailing experience.”

“Horizon Yachts is renowned for choosing the highest quality components for its yachts,” said Chris Baird, CEO of Propspeed. “We are honoured that they have chosen Propspeed as their coating and are confident that their customers will be pleased with the performance of our product line.”

Horizon Yachts

Since its inception in 1987, Horizon has emerged as Asia’s leading luxury yacht brand. The Horizon Group contributes one-third of Taiwan’s total yacht exports and has taken the country into the top five nations in the world for luxury megayacht construction. Horizon has been awarded ‘Asia’s Best Motor Yacht Builder’ for 13 consecutive years, and is and only member of SYBAss (Superyacht Builders Association) in the Far East.

Propspeed‘s ultra-slick topcoat is specially formulated to prevent marine growth from adhering to metal surfaces below the waterline. It is proven to increase boat efficiency, protect against corrosion, reduce drag and save fuel and maintenance costs. It features an exceptionally strong chemical and mechanical bond between the metal substrate, etched primer and clear coat, which ensures that the Propspeed coating effectively adheres to gears and any other metal underwater and performs season after season.

(Propspeed as standard aboard Horizon Yachts – – September 2022)