Porto Mirabello, extra luxury for extra-large sizes

Exclusive services, assistance and an ideal tourist location famous throughout the world. The La Spezia marina has an area dedicated to large yachts capable of accommodating ships of up to 140 metres

by Niccolò Volpati

The first favourable condition is nature. The Gulf of La Spezia is one of the most protected harbours in the whole of the Mediterranean, and has always been so, as it was frequented by the Phoenicians, Etruscans, Greeks and anyone else who sailed in these waters. The breakwater and a high draught, ideal for mega and giga yachts, have added to this characteristic. The draught was obtained not only because of the conformation of the coast and seabed but also because, at the end of the nineteenth century, the Navy decided to set up the arsenal and dredged the seabed to allow military ships access without problems. So credit is due to those who decided and allowed Porto Mirabello to be built right next to the arsenal.

The mega yacht area can accommodate boats up to 140 metres long.

However, accommodating large yachts requires more than just natural features; it also requires a service that meets the needs of owners and crews. The mega-yacht area can accommodate yachts of up to 140 metres in length, and there is a yard inside the marina equipped for all routine maintenance: hull cleaning, glass and carbon lamination, engine and system servicing, certification, raft overhauls and land and sea transfers. 

Mirabello is also a pleasant port to visit, and not just for the service. The RINa has awarded it, the only one in Italy, the “Luxury Marina” qualification. The qualification was obtained thanks to the Captain & Crew Lounge, which includes a relaxation area and a cinema, and then thanks to the gym, the panoramic terrace and the basketball court. In addition, there is a concierge service dedicated exclusively to crews, owners and their guests. In practice, it is a service that takes care of organising the leisure time of guests in the mega-yacht area of the marina. 

Concierge is a service for shipowners and crews to organise their free time during their stay.

The facility is also equipped with a heliport, a 100 MB internet connection directly at the berth terminal and, finally, a security service. In fact, the mega-yacht area has controlled access and gates with video surveillance so that Mirabello can boast compliance with the ISPS code, an acronym for International Ship and Port Facility Security Code, which provides targeted procedures to ensure a peaceful stay for owners and crews.

Porto Mirabello has been awarded the ‘Luxury Marina’ status by RINa.

Thanks to the very deep gulf and the breakwater, La Spezia is one of the safest harbours in the Mediterranean.

Porto Mirabello also has a special feature that distinguishes it from many others. There are not many marinas dedicated to large yachts, but there are not a few either, and all of them, to a greater or lesser extent, offer services and guarantee comfort to their guests during their stay. The difference is that they are not always in a good location because, given the size of the yachts, they are moorings located within large commercial ports.

The inland shipyard offers a complete service for light refits. Almost all the main Italian shipyards are based around Porto Mirabello, between Spezia, Carrara and Viareggio.

Porto Mirabello, on the other hand, is in the centre of the Gulf of La Spezia, a few miles from Cinque Terre, Portovenere or Lerici and a ten-minute walk from the city centre. It is a marina in the true sense of the word. It is a marina in the true sense of the word, both for the services it provides and for what is around it. Its position is strategic, not only because of the possibility of excursions or sailing in the surrounding area, but also because it is located near many large boatyards, from those in La Spezia to those in Carrara and Viareggio.

(Porto Mirabello, extra luxury for extra-large sizes – Barchemagazine.com – April 2022)