ONE, Officine Navali Elica: the perfect hive

A hive is perfectly organised and synchronised on the inside. The same can be said of the ONE yard, where highly qualified craftspeople alternate with one another to achieve the primary objective: a top-quality refit

by Carla Pagani

A CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR REFITTING VESSELS UP TO 40 METRES LONG has been established in the heart of Costa Smeralda. It is called ONE, Officine Navali Elica. The new yard was opened this year by Elicapital and adds to the already established and successful Elica Yachts business, which has been trading used yachts and offering top-end refits and repairs for thirteen years.

Over recent times, the second-hand market has taken on a new guise of uniqueness, excellence and quality. Indeed, second-hand is becoming more and more closely associated with bespoke. Elicapital achieves this by focusing on “tailor-made” refits of the very highest standards. Today, thanks to its new yard, it can count on an even stronger team. With an operative base in Olbia and another in Malta, Elica Yachts has recorded one success after another to date. The new ONE yard is another step forward in its ongoing growth, destined to impose a significant change of pace for the company.

There were once expert men responsible for pulling upon ropes, the strong cables used to bring boats up onto dry land for maintenance work.

Officine Navali Elica
Officine Navali Elica
Today, Elicapital, along with Elica Yachts and the Officine Navali Elica, has become a global brand name in the second-hand yacht sales and refitting sector, offering a combination of craftsmanship, innovation, experience and passion.

The via helciaria was developed in Ancient Rome. This paved towpath ran alongside rivers and made it easier for humans or animals to haul boats. Towing uses the most up-to-date technology today.

Officine Navali Elica

And yet seeing a boat emerge from the water, lifted by powerful straps, always produces a certain emotion, even if the expert men of the past are no longer required. But what happens afterwards, out of the water? Expert hands take care of the vessel and restore it to life. This is what takes place in the new ONE yard, where a team of expert craftspeople work hard to produce a bespoke product for their clients, employing their artisanal skills, competence and experience. Carpenters, electricians, mechanics and painters alternate with one another on board, like a dance of the bees, in which everyone has their role to play in the creation of a perfect hive.

Officine Navali Elica

Meticulous and painstaking work carried out with precision and attention to detail. The second-hand boats are regenerated according to the requirements, style and wishes of each owner. The latest boats sold by Elica Yachts include an Itama 62, a Pershing 46, but also a Riva Rivale 52, a Sunseeker Portofino 53, a Princess V48 and an Itama 45, to mention but a few. The expert team of craftspeople has made their unique mark on each one. But how does used yacht trading work exactly? Elica Yachts starts by handpicking the vessels to feature in its catalogue and purchases them after a careful assessment.

Requests then come in from customers, assisted by the invaluable customer care service that responds to their various requests and provides all the material they need to evaluate the boat. Video tours, telephone interviews and video calls take place initially, followed by an onboard visit. During the second phase, once the customer has chosen the boat to purchase, the ONE yard enters into action to restore the boat to its original condition, while incorporating customisations and other work requested by the new owner.

Officine Navali Elica
In the recently opened ONE yard, boats are regenerated according to the requirements, style and wishes of each owner.

The ONE offices, on the floor above the new yard in Olbia, have been designed specifically to cater to the most demanding customers. The windows look out over the sea of Cala Saccaia. The sunlight is filtered by the glass as it enters the room and one’s eyes lose themselves on the horizon. When visiting the offices you start to dream, while dreams take shape on the ground floor, at the very heart of the yard itself.

(ONE, Officine Navali Elica: the perfect hive – – October 2021)