Officina Italiana Design, 25 years leading the way

Officina Italiana Design, the studio founded in Bergamo by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta, has reached 25 years of life. It has designed many of the boats that have made the history of yacht design in the last quarter of a century, starting with those created for Riva. 

“We love clean, rigorous design, we don’t want to surprise with special effects. On the contrary, we try to create objects that do not go out of fashion. We design for “a few” and we have a duty (even a moral one) to create excellence”, say Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta.

Riva Rivale

Since 1994, the design studio has been exclusively linked to the Riva shipyards, which, following the footsteps of its tradition, continue to lead the way to beauty in the world of boating.

Mauro Micheli, co-founder and chief designer of Officina Italiana Design, began his career as a designer in 1984, and has therefore been the creator of the most iconic yachts in the world for 35 years: “Sometimes I think I’d like to quit. However, I have not lost the love I have for what I do yet. Designing a Riva is not an ambition or a challenge for its own sake. The challenge is to create something that keeps up with the times, contemporary, and that is always in the tradition of Riva. This is my world, it is part of me”.

Riva 110′ Dolcevita


All Riva production is the result of Officina Italiana Design in terms of both external lines and interior design. Clean lines, attention to detail, balance of volumes, choice of materials and colours are the strong points of their yachts.

“We are very proud – says Sergio Berettaof this goal, which coincides, among other things, with the fruitful collaboration with Riva, one of the most important brands of Made in Italy. We are honoured to continue to design for a brand that refers to classic design with a touch of modernity and contemporary spirit, where nothing is left to chance and the elements of innovation are part of its development. “And in doing so we always feel great satisfaction and emotion both in the creation of small and medium units and in the large, our new interesting research path.”

Riva 50 metri

Riva 50 metri


Recently, in fact, Officina Italiana Design has designed the lines of some units that represent the definitive entry of the studio into the world of megayachts: proof of this is the recent launch of Riva 50 metri Race (in March 2019), and the presentation of two medium-large units: Riva 90′ Argo and Riva 110′ Dolcevita.

On March of this year, the 64-metre Attila 64 Steel by Sanlorenzo (of which Officina Italiana Design has created the external lines) was also launched. Together with the 52 Steel Seven Sins (2017), it is part of a collaboration contract signed with the Ligurian shipyard in 2014, which included the refreshment of the design of some units and the realization of the exteriors of the revolutionary SX88.

Sanlorenzo 64Steel m officina italiana design

Sanlorenzo 64Steel


 (Officina Italiana Design, 25 years leading the way – – July 2019)