Novamarine, Black Shiver: don’t call them RHIBS

Some people like to call them the Sea Hummer, because of the technology used for the Novamarine Rhibs, designed to satisfy the highest standards for both professional and military uses

by Angelo Colombo photo by Luca Paudice

Novamarine is a company that initially worked with converting traditional inflatables into RIBs and RHIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats and Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats), which are favourites amongst leisure sailors, and also civil and military professionals. Novamarine Black Shiver barchemagazine

The reasons behind the success are to be found in their good performance, even in difficult sea conditions. They are also safe, comfortable and stable and over the years have increased in size, so that some are now over 20 metres long.

The link between the best of traditional boats and inflatables has been clear ever since the first rigid hull boats were introduced by Asso in the 1980s and then by Novamarine itself.

The versatility of this new kind of craft was quickly recognised by maritime professionals, from police to rescue services and even the armed forces, including special forces. It was to meet special forces’ requirements in the 1990s that Novamarine started a development and testing programme on a RHIB variant, which introduced the first versions of boats fitted with full tubes and completely remodelled hulls. Since then a large number of very successful boats have been created, of which the best known is definitely the 22-metre hydro-jet.

NOVAMARINE FACTORyThe leisure range is called Black Shiver and features boats that are specially designed to find the right trim at any speed. The special tubes are made with a D-section, closed-cell material and thanks to the vertical, rigid gunwales, leave greater space inside and mean that side openings with integrated ladders can be included.

Because they don’t need to be inflated, the tube sections are free of design restrictions, and so the yard designers have studied shapes for each model that ensure the tubes are always in contact with the water in the stern section, which means always having a trimaran trim regardless of vessel size.

All the fittings on Novaramine’s Black Shiver boats can be customised to suit owner needs. The range starts with the very new 8.50, which is not yet on the market, and then goes on through 10, 12, 14 and 22 metre models. As far as the power unit and propulsion are concerned, there are a wide range of products on offer.

The deck can also be left open, or fitted with a cabin or semi-cabin. The yard has met the requests of civil and military forces with inboard/outboard, hydro-jet and outboard powered boats, and all these are also available in leisure versions with the numerous possible fitting options.

Novamarine is part of the SNO Group of Olbia, which as well as continuing to invest in research and development, allows the company has the use of spacious, regularly-updated production facilities, to meet growing market demand. The technical management of the yard and research work is handled by Leandro Benci.Novamarine Black Shiver barchemagazine

Andrea Pirro, sales director of SNO, says: «We are seeing that the Italian market is recovering very well. Until not long ago, a large fraction of our output was for foreign clients. Recently we have been delivering to Italian clients, and we are working on other orders for them. This has encouraged us to develop and produce new models to extend our range to cover nearly all the main market segments. With this in mind, we presented the new Black Shiver 85, which did brilliantly in the test drives, at the Cannes Yachting Festival».

Francesco Pirro, the managing director, concludes by telling us about the yard’s programmes, and how it is organised: «The development of Novamarine has been made possible in part because of the important buildings of the Sno Group, which still host our company. We will soon be presenting the project for the new Novamarine production facility in Olbia, which will cover over 8000 m2».