Novamarine 120 Prof, the black power

A rigid inflatable designed for professional and military use, with quite extraordinary robustness. With three Mercury Verado outboards, we reached a speed of 50 knots

FOR VETERAN SAILORS, THE NOVAMARINE BRAND IS A TREMENDOUS LANDMARK ON THE ITALIAN INFLATABLE SCENE, with numerous well-built RIBs; it is not uncommon to find boats still in great shape after a good number of years

The product’s distinctive qualities include the use of tubes filled with a special closed-cell material which protects them from even severe shock, cuts and punctures, also from wear and tear, and which do not need regular inflation because they do not deflate; making the boat unsinkable, among its other properties. There are structural gunwales that go straight down to the floor, and these, combined with the semi-circular shape of the tubes, increase the internal space of the boat. Moreover, the tubes are covered with extremely durable material, resistant to abrasion and corrosion by contact with fuel. The on-board space has increased width compared to the standard, ensuring better loading and manoeuvreability, while performance is retained thanks to an advanced hull shape which combines speed, stability at rest and constant trim, making the RIB able to change direction with ease even at 50 knots.

We tested the 120 Prof model during a Brunswick-Mercury meeting in Sardinia, with three Mercury Verado outboards at the stern, each giving 350hp. The 120 Prof requires a reasonable amount of knowledge of the sea and sailing to make the most of its potential and travel in maximum safety. Indeed, three engines of this capacity produce remarkable acceleration, making the time required to reach planing speed tiny considering the boat’s tonnage (some 5.5 tonnes plus engines). Reaching and exceeding 50 knots at practically full throttle is not utopia, but pure reality.

During the test we came across choppy sea with rollers, and so we kept the trim not too positive; but when boldness is possible, it is not too difficult to reach 60 knots. Apart from the speed – which is however an extremely important factor in military and professional terms – what strikes us when sailing is the boat’s stability, the trim maintained even at high revs, the response of the hull, which handles waves head on without trouble and passes them easily and very smoothly, and the turns at 50 knots. Furthermore, performance is not affected by increased load and, bearing in mind that the boat is certified to transport 25 people plus equipment, and that it carries 1600 litres of fuel, this is an extremely interesting feature.

The Novamarine 120 Prof is a RIB which can be 100% customised. There is practically nothing standard, because the client – particularly when the use is military or professional – needs to modify it according to specific requirements. Even the console is not standard, and can be larger or smaller depending on use. Black in colour, the boat’s features indicate its professional purpose, such as the large bow bitt, the raised sections housing roomy lockers, a high-technology console which can hold a range of electronic instruments of various sizes, pilots’ seats providing maximum back support when travelling fast on water, a rigid hard top to protect the commander, and a second row of seats in the bow, with the same embracing design as the pilot’s and plenty of support for greater stability even at high speed.

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Hull Building material: hull and superstructure in vynilester fiberglass and Kevlar – Tubulars made of closed cell foam material • Loa 12.17m • Max beam 3.68m • Beam 2.98m • Tubes diameter 0.60m • Max people on board 25 • Max power rated 3 x 350 hp • Fuel tank capacity 2 x 800 l • Water tank capacity 160 l

Engine Mercury Verado 350 • Supercharged with charge air cooling and electronic boost pressure control + Sequential multi-port electronic fuel injection (EFI) • 6 cylinders inline, 4 Stroke, 24 valves • Displacement cc 2.598 • Bore&Stroke 82 x 82 • Max power 350 hp (263 kW) at 5800–6400 rpm • Alternator 70 A • Dry weight 303 kg

EC Certification CAT B

(Novamarine 120 Prof, the black power – – October 2016)