New wallypower50 unveiled in Cannes

Wally and Ferretti Group have always stood out for their ability to launch new, innovative and breathtaking models, and as announced at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023 another future icon is set to join their ranks. Unveiled for the first time is the new wallypower50, combining utility and comfort, performance, style and function.

“The new wallypower50 enriches the range by serving as a link between wallytenders and wallypower,” says Stefano de Vivo, managing director of Wally. “As such, we have equipped it with all the key features that both lines offer, and much more: in fact, the wallypower50 sets a new standard of flexibility, practicality, dynamism and, of course, iconicity. It is the ultimate example of the evolution of a range and once again underscores Wally’s ability to always be steps ahead.”


The key to the wallypower50 lies in the attention applied to its design and the variety of options it offers. It is essentially the natural sister of the wallypower58, introduced to great acclaim in 2022: it draws from the same design traits and offers the same level of comfort both above and below deck, for fun-filled days and relaxing weekends at sea.

However, the wallypower50 is more than just a compact version of the wallypower line. The design concept is based on creating a link between the open style of the wallytender43 and wallytender48 and the wider style of the wallypower58. The result is a model capable of satisfying a wide variety of customers and uses: from support vessel to comfortable family cruiser.


The versatile nature of the wallypower50 is not just an idea on paper-it is evident in the extensive list of options that allow her to adapt to the diverse needs of owners. The clean lines and bow design reflect the iconic styling of the larger wallypower, but the wallypower50 can also be customized with integrated wraparound fenders typical of wallytenders to please owners looking for more practical solutions.

The wallypower50 offers an alternative to the central aft sundeck of the wallypower58: deck space, especially when the bulwarks are lowered, is optimized by the presence of two separate sunbeds, providing an additional 6 square meters of space.

The layout of the wallypower50 stands out for its practicality thanks to a raised cockpit that can accommodate eight people under the hardtop and four more on forward-facing seats; below deck is then a large, open space that offers maximum flexibility, complemented by a comfortable bathroom with separate shower, a large sofa and a cozy double bed. Flooded with natural light from above and featuring the option of installing Wally “Magic Portholes,” elements introduced with the wallypower58, this is the ideal weekend model.

The sheltered cockpit is projected forward to ensure ample social space both inside and out, allowing the boat to be used in all weather conditions.


A Wally boat must also excel in performance, and the wallypower50 does not disappoint. The propulsion system is the same as on the wallytender48, which has already proven its reliability and durability in a wide variety of situations. The two Volvo Penta IPS650 engines can push the wallypower50 over 36 knots, providing both 30-knot cruising and easy control when maneuvering in tight spaces via the joystick option with DPS. The deep-V hull ensures sporty cruising even in rough seas. The wallypower50 is also available in an X version, with four 400-horsepower Mercury outboard engines that allow it to reach a top speed of 48 knots while maintaining a range of 240 nautical miles. If you opt for the optional Mercury 500hp Racing configuration, the wallypower50X can exceed 50 knots of top speed, with a range of 180 nautical miles.


With its limitless potential as a dayboat, elegant features ideal for sleeping two people, inherent versatility and exceptional maneuverability, the wallypower50 is the natural evolution of a wallytender and stands as a perfect example of the characteristics of the wallypower range: practicality, innovation, style and performance.

“You can draw a direct line from the legendary wallypower118 to the wallypower50,” says Luca Bassani, Founder and Chief Designer of Wally. “The heart of the wallypower118 beats in the wallypower50, and the sharp, angular lines, deep-V hull, and aggressive double-edge profile of the wallypower118 are reflected in the dynamic, marine hull of the wallypower50. But because of such pure and essential lines, the wallypower50 is perhaps the model most deserving of the ‘power’ appellation. Moreover, its ability to be both a chase boat and a dayboat, capable of offering everything from practical support to ultimate elegance, makes it another benchmark model for Wally.”

(New wallypower50 unveiled in Cannes – – September 2023)