The new CRN 70m? It’s called “She” and it makes your head spin.

The 70 meter long “She”, with sinuous and seductive lines, is the new CRN 70m custom designed by Vallicelli Design.

“The sweetness and softness of the feminine shapes, enclosed in the name of the yacht itself, have strongly inspired this project, translating into fluid and refined lines”, said Andrea Vallicelli, who heads, together with Alessandro Nazareth, the Vallicelli Design studio and who has developed the new concept in collaboration with the technical office of CRN.  With its five decks, numerous outdoor areas and maximum liveability of the interiors, She is designed for a shipowner who loves to spend long periods on board with his guests, fully enjoying the experience of cruising.

“She is a new project with a great potential, characterized by refined lines, ductility and large volumes of indoor and outdoor spaces, designed by the studio Vallicelli Design with which we started a profitable journey. We are working a lot on different projects, , starting with the new 70m vessel for which we now have a signed contract, as recently announced,” said Stefano De Vivo, CRN Chief Commercial Officer.

In the name and in the design concept, She evokes feminine suggestions and a delicate and seductive overall harmony, which can be appreciated in the large volumes of the decks and in the generous space of the interiors. The slender profile and linear styling, with the horizontal line inscribed from the bow all along the hull and around the transom, give the architectural whole a dynamic lightness.

The stylistic signature of the project clearly emerges in the successful blend between the strong expressiveness of the geometries and the fluidity of the decorative elements. This personal aesthetic canon is particularly evident in the softness of the lines of the side gunwales that create two wings, positioned in the fore area of the upper and owner deck, and in the refinement of the front canopies and glass railings.

(The new CRN 70m? It’s called “She” and it makes your head spin – – January 2019)