Nerea NY40, going beyond fashion

Alessio Battistini and Davide Bernardini from the IdeaeITALIA studio have designed this second boat from Nerea Yacht which evokes the tradition and style of a large open sports craft with attention to the volumes and comfort on board, even when doing thirty knots

by Niccolò Volpati

The approach is similar to the one which made the previous model, Nerea Yacht 24, stand out. It has been designed with great care. And with that in mind, the impression you get is that the boat has achieved it very well. It has its own identity and its distinctive design, and it doesn’t look like anything else on the market. And nor is it one of those boats that seem determined to amaze you, but can only satisfy you on a visual level.

Dario Messina, the founder of Nerea Yacht, wanted the NY40 to be an elegant and comfortable motor boat, with everything required for cruising, without sacrificing looks and style. Over the past few years, we have seen a real boom in walkarounds. But Nerea has chosen to stand out, without looking at what the fashion of the moment calls for, and without redoing something that already exists. Even people from outside the sector can sense that this open yacht is something special. That’s not a reference to the sporty finish of the shiny green metallic livery, but to the overall design project.

Using the same styles that we had seen on the 24-footer, Alessio Battistini and Davide Bernardini from the IdeaeITALIA design studio have gone further, and have once again shown their ability in creating style with an ample hard top, but one that at the same time also has a light profile. The forward deck has sinuous lines right up to the windscreen; while in the stern the sloping of the coaming towards the swimming platform takes on nearly sensual shapes. The modern layout and the large living area on the deck play an important role in life on board.

The multi-functional swimming platform, which was designed in collaboration with Besenzoni has a large fixed part and further three steps that can be moved up or down to provide greater elevation and to help guests come down onto the deck, or to give easy access to the water for those going for a swim in the sea.

The large swimming platform gives the pleasure of being able to lay down just a few inches from the water, and a submergible portion means the tender can be easily launched and recovered. The upholstery, the varnishing, and the luxurious details make the difference. On the lower deck, the areas are arranged as modules according to the specific request of the buyer who can choose between having one or two cabins. A close look at the furniture reveals the quality and attention to detail of the furnishings. There is just one bathroom, but it is very large and has a separate shower box.

At the wheel, it feels just right, and the feeling of contact with the boat is increased by a very compact and ergonomic helm station. On the deck, featuring distinctive teak in a herringbone design, there is a large sun pad in the stern, the perimeter structure of which is made in tubular steel, embellished with a woven, stitchless yarn. This material, as well as being a unique and much sought-after design, is completely sourced from recycled plastic. The sun pad has an adjustable seat back and with the electric opening system, it gives access to a storage area under which the engine room is located, with easy access to the equipment

There are two possibilities for the interior. One with the master cabin in the bow and a double room in the stern, or with the dinette in the bow with a C-shaped sofa and a central table, which when needed can be changed into a double bed, and a cabin with a French-style bed in the stern with a large storage unit.

Going forward, there is a pair of teak tables that can be opened up and adjusted using their telescopic steel legs. They can take up to six people and work as a base to further extend the sun pad, using the cushions from the three-seat sofa with interior storage. The lunch area is equipped with a piece of furniture that has a fridge, ice maker, bin compartment, a cooking hob and a sink. The cooking unit is also the base from where the T-Top structure extends. The helm has two armchairs that have been entirely tailor-made in which the lines that make up the base of the seating form the outline of the company logo. The onboard electronics were provided by Simrad, and thanks to their user interface, the control functions of all of the electronic systems on board are easy to read.

The T-Top is 4 meters long and protects both the helm position and also the central part of the cockpit.

The Nerea NY40 is a yacht with class. It is silent, but also sporty and that is something which becomes immediately apparent with quick turns and a 36-knot top speed. Its ability to hold course and to move through the waves decisively means you can be daring even in rough water, and keep up an excellent cruising speed. The power level isn’t exaggerated, and in the engine room, there are two turbodiesel Yanmars each developing 370 horsepower, while the transmission is through two stern drives. The weight-to-power ratio is around ten kilos for each horsepower. The power may only just seem sufficient for a 40-footer, and yet the performance is brilliant. You have to open the throttle up and wait a few seconds to get it on the plane, but when it gets the right trim the thrust of the propulsion gets your blood running, and you would never want to stop steering it. You need ten seconds to start planning with the engines at 3200 rpm. To get to the top speed you need 59 seconds at 3860 revs. The cruising speed is 24 knots at 3200 rpm and is perfect for doing longer trips. Adjusting tabs and flaps means you can get the best trim, speed and fuel consumption, but that isn’t essential; if you want to get involved in fine-tuning, however, you can get all the satisfaction that the boat is capable of giving you.

Engine room
The unit we tried out was fitted with two onboard outboards with stern drives each developing 370 horsepower. These Yanmar 8LV370Zs meant we reached a top speed of 36 knots. Or you can opt for two 280-hp Volvo Penta V6s, two 300-hp D4s, two 380-hp D6s, or two 440-horsepower D6s.

Via Mura Malatestiane, 1/A
I-61032 Fano (PU)
T. +39 071 7950578
[email protected]

IdeaeITALIA Alessio Battistini (design and superstructure), Zuccheri Yacht Design (naval architecture)

LOA 12.19m • Maximum beam 4m • Draft 1.10m • Light mass displacement 8,000 kg • V-shaped hull with three hydrodynamic lifting strakes on each side • 20° Deadrise astern • Fuel tank volume 940 l • Water tank volume 330 l • 3 for 450 hp is the maximum rated power for the sterndrive version

CAT B-10 people, CAT C-14 people

Starting from € 390,000 (February 2023)

(Nerea NY40, going beyond fashion – – February 2023)