Navetta 30, a revolution in the Custom Line

The latest project of the Forlì brand, the Navetta 30, is the first signed by the couple Filippo Salvetti and Patricia Viel. The quantity of volumes available is surprising. The construction will take place at the Super Yacht Yard in Ancona, official presentation in September. 

There are many new features, both stylistic and functional, on the latest Custom Line model. Above all, the four-deck layout stands out, impressive for a yacht with a maximum length of 28.43 meters and a maximum beam of 7.3 meters, but less than 24 meters long as far as the hull is concerned (the CE limit below which it is not a leisure boat yet).

The Custom Line displacement range has been expanded by the addition of the new Navetta 30, which blends generous volumes with an attractive, graceful design whose classic charms never grow old. It might have the capabilities of a ship, but it is full of harmoniously balanced visual appeal. It was essential to find the right balance between the hull and the superstructure and emphasize the way the external lines stretch out horizontally in order to add a little vivacious verve to this distinctive, complex creation”, states architect Filippo Salvetti, who designed the exterior lines.

Custom Line

The configuration is entirely wide body, the owner and his guests, therefore, can enjoy the main deck with saloon and full beam owner’s suite, as well as the lower deck where the 4 VIP cabins and crew area are located. From the upper deck, featuring a dining area and saloon, there is access to the integrated dashboard. The sundeck, finally, stretches a lot towards the stern, displaying extensive surfaces.

The style and concept of the interiors are the results of a collaboration with Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel studio, which has reworked the concept of seafaring with a reinterpretation of traditional naval styles – from the concept to the color palette – in a contemporary key.

On the one hand, the classic design of the curved lines of the furniture and the window frames, together with the use of teak, recalls the nautical tradition, reinterpreted according to the principles of modern aesthetics. On the other hand, the introduction of carbon details and custom textured quartz powder coatings on fiberglass, together with the use of sophisticated lacquer and textiles striped in ultramarine blue tones, add a strong dynamism and a touch of “sporty chic”.

“The interior design was developed in collaboration with the engineers and architects who designed the boat’s hull,” says architect Patricia Viel, co-founder of Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel architectural firm. “Thanks to the use of BIM, Building Information Modeling, we can have perfect control of every volume, while harmonizing the interior design and lighting projects with the shape of the hull”.

Custom Line Navetta 30 has a standard engine of 2 MAN I6 with a power of 800 hp to reach a maximum speed of 14 knots and a transatlantic autonomy of about 2,150 nautical miles at a economic cruising speed of 10 knots. There are also 2 other options available: 2 MAN V8 of 1,000 hp (mounted on the first unit) or 2 MAN V8 of 1,200 hp.

Custom Line Navetta 30

PROJECT: Filippo Salvetti, Studio di architettura Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, Strategic Product Department, Engineering Ferretti Department.

HULL LENGTH: Length 28.43m – Hull length 23.98m – Width 7.31m – Draft 2.20m – Full load displacement 116 t – Fuel tank capacity 14,500 l – Water tank capacity 2,500 l – Material Fiberglass – Persons on board 20.

ENGINES: 2 x 2 MAN I6 800 hp, 2 MAN V8 of 1,000 hp, 2 MAN V8 of 1,200 hp.

Via Ansaldo, 7
47120 Forli (FC)
T. +39 0543 787511

(Navetta 30, a Custom Line revolution – – April 2020)