Nautica Fusaro, first class service

With nearly 35 years of experience, Giovanni Jacobsthal and Antonio Vertechi and their NAutica Fusaro have always been Absolute dealers. They are exclusive dealers for the Podenzano shipyard in the region of Campania and they seek to offer their shipowners an absolutely flawless service 

by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello

What is a dealer? Someone who sells boats on behalf of a shipyard. That is the correct answer, but it is not exhaustive. A dealer is a valuable collaborator, the best ally a shipyard could have. A dealer must know the shipyard, the boats it produces, the workers who work in it, the customers, their tastes and their desires, even better than the shipyard itself. This is why a dealer is so precious.

Not only because he sells, but also because he knows what is needed. When a shipyard can count on dealers like this, there is no need to carry out any market research before launching a new model or a new range. It can simply take advantage of its in-house resources.

Nautica fusaro Absolute yachts

«The first time I saw Patrizia Gobbi she was a little more than a girl», says Giovanni Jacobsthal. He founded his company, Nautica Fusaro, in 1984, together with his business partner Antonio Vertechi. For 34 years he has worked for the shipyard in Podenzano. He knows everything about Absolute and also about the sea-faring clientele in the areas of Naples and surroundings. Success cannot be improvised, but needs to be built over time. Experience matters. Nautica Fusaro has gone down the “typical” path, just like other Absolute dealers. It offers all-round 360o assistance. Actually, since all the shipyard’s models have been fitting Volvo IPS for many years, it is now also a Volvo Penta authorized workshop.

This makes life easier for customers and creates an environment of absolute trust in the dealer who sold the boat. This is probably why the activity is not confined only to the region of Campania – customers are spread all over Southern Italy. For instance, in regions like Calabria, Puglia and Sicily. Nautica Fusaro guarantees a service of mobile workshops with qualified staff trained in Volvo Penta and Absolute courses who operate all year round.

Nautica fusaro Nautica fusaro navetta 48

Navetta 48

Shipowners who turn to them do not risk staying in port during the holidays. But an all-round service also includes other activities offered by the company. Such as the covered boat storage, which can dry berth boats up to 16 meters in length. In addition, there are the berths. In the port of Baia, Nautica Fusaro offers a mooring service for boats from 6 to 24 meters. Nautica Fusaro owns a seasonal concession that starts on May 1st and ends on October 30th, a few miles from Procida, Ischia, Capri and the Gulf of Naples. 50 berths are available, all on floating docks.

«Absolute treats us very well» – says Giovanni Jacobsthal «because they recognize our value and commitment. I hope that they will gain back confidence in the Italian market, because in recent years most of the production has been absorbed by foreign markets».

The numbers seem to confirm this trend. The new Navetta super yachts and the Flys sell well along Italian shores. The merit goes entirely to the product, which is capable of meeting the demands both of long-time shipowners and of those who approach yachting for the first time.

(Nautica Fusaro, first class service – – Luglio 2018)