Nanni, the video to discover the Arcachon factory

We have been to Arcachon, in France, to visit the headquarters of the Italian-French Nanni, one of the three largest manufacturers of marine diesel engines in the world. It is able to offer engines from 10 to 2,000 hp and generators from 6 kW to 500 kW. In Arcachon there are 90 employees and 90 is also the number of dealers spread over 80 different countries, but overall the sales and service network extends to 2,000 points of reference all over the world.

Specialized in engine marinisation, Nanni has as its main partners Kubota, Man, Toyota, John Deere and most recently Scania. The first result of the partnership with Scania is the N13 engine Platinum series. It’s a 13- liter which develops up to 925 hp. Starting from the same block, it will be possible to have lower powerful engines of 700, 750 and 800 hp.

The 13-liter is only the first, but is destined to be joined by others in no time. The second is already planned, in fact, which is called N16 and is a 16-liter V8. In the past, Nanni had already been involved in high power engines. In the 90s it marinised the V8 and V10 by Mercedes. Then for a long time, it has worked with Man, for which it is still the dealer for France and Africa. The video also explains that to marinise doesn’t only mean to adapt an engine built for the truck field to the needs of a boat.

Thanks to its 50 years experience, Nanni can offer a series of accessories which are now indispensable aboard every kind of boat. There’s a lot of teamwork, starting with the one with ZF and Raymarine. This is a consolidated relationship over time, which will also be developed on Scania engines. “We are very interested in the project for the construction of a new pod by ZF- says Gregorio Passani Nanni’s Chief Operating Officer– and we hope that ZF will choose us and Scania to develop this new transmission in synergy“.