MZ Electronic announced the acquisition of Progetto Elica

MZ Electronic has announced the acquisition of Progetto Elica, a historic Italian company born in 1963 from the experience of SBM. Progetto Elica is specialized in the calculation, design, and production of custom propellers, both fully submerged and surface piercing, shaft lines, and rudders for boats up to 150 feet in length

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of marine propulsion, Progetto Elica is able to produce both custom propellers based on the specifications of the individual boat, and replicas of existing propellers. The manual skill is combined with the use of advanced design systems (CAD-CAE-CAM, computerized pitch gauge, dynamic balancing).


Progetto Elica designs and produces submerged and surface piercing propellers from 3 to 6 blades, up to a maximum diameter of 1500mm. The propeller is first designed with CAD/CAE technology, then a model is made by 3D printing for the foundry. At this point, the propeller is measured using a computerized pitch gauge, handcrafted finishing operations and dynamic balancing. The propellers produced can be made of either bronze-aluminum (NiBrAl) or brass-manganese (OTS2).

Shaft Lines

Progetto Elica also designs and produces complete shaft lines, supporting the shipyard in the definition of the specifications: bronze or steel rudders complete with connecting bar, propeller shafts; shaft-mancion coupling flanges; brass shaft supports; water-lubricated bushings; mechanical seals.

Top photo: Alessandro Fossati, Sales Manager of MZ Electronic

(MZ Electronic announced the acquisition of Progetto Elica – – January 2021)