Monte Carlo Yachts, industry of the third millennium

Monte Carlo Yachts reveals some of its industrial secrets to the general public; innovative manufacturing processes on the international nautical scene. Fabrizio Iarrera showed us around and revealed – apart from an outstanding technical competence – a profound passion for his work and his company

 by Massimo Longoni

The market evolution, its complexity and the need to create outstanding products in a favourable economic environment, has pushed many companies to look for innovative industrial solutions to better face the challenges of the third millennium. Monte Carlo Yachts, which is part of the Bénéteau Group, reveals some of the secrets of its modular construction process, in the awareness that after ten years of work it has reached the moment to set new ambitious goals for itself.


Fabrizio Iarrera

«We are a unique example in the pleasure boating industry. We have introduced an exclusive naval architecture in Monte Carlo Yachts, as well as a modular construction process inspired on Lean Manufacturing concepts, a production method with which several leading industries in the world are pursuing aesthetical quality and technical reliability in an environment of great efficiency», Fabrizio Iarrera, managing director of the shipyard in Monfalcone tells us:

«This modular manufacturing process allows the company to significantly increase the quality of the product by means of an industrial approach that answers to the challenges of the global market more responsively and dynamically».

But the innovation does not concern the production process only, Iarrera continues: «Monte Carlo Yachts has in fact also revolutionized naval architecture as such. A new solution which becomes the essential tool to make modular construction possible, and at the same time improves the technical and structural characteristics of the hull reaching much higher quality standards».

The traditional structure has been replaced with a structural frame: the entire beam, from the bottom of the hull to the deck, contributes to making the vessel more solid. At the same time, soft mounting techniques have been applied to reduce the transmission of vibrations and noise in the interiors and to reach absolutely excellent results in terms of comfort and reliability.


The entire structure of the interior environments on the lower deck has been created with a modular scheme so it can be built and readied entirely outside the hull, in complete control of the assembly tolerances, which have now been reduced to a few millimetres.

Iarrera also tells us that «this flexibility makes it possible to study the design choices, installations, and interior decoration down to the smallest detail and gives you almost infinite possibilities of personalization. It also grants total accessibility during the preparation of the on-board systems».


The hull of every MCY presents itself as a light yet extremely solid shell with the highest safety standards. These characteristics are ensured the combination of the modular approach with the use of self-supporting elements, longitudinal reinforcements, a bow crash box, and an extensive use of Kevlar and carbon fibre.

(Monte Carlo Yachts, industry of the third millennium – September 2018)