Mimì Libeccio 11 WA, a contemporary classic

The same hull but with a new design for the deck and interiors. What is below the waterline delivers performance and stability, what is above provides comfort and versatility

by Niccolò Volpati

Raise your hand if you think that if a boat keeps the same hull, it can’t change very much. Libeccio 11 WA is proof that you would be wrong. The hull is the same as what was designed fifteen years ago. So why change the boat? It is a fishing boat that has fully shown that it works well, and there is no need to have different water lines.  The aim of the yard, however, is to win over new owners and so not just people who are looking for a classic gozzo fishing boat. That is why Valerio Rivellini has created a modern boat and only worked on the superstructure. On deck, the colour and materials have played a decisive role. There is plenty of wood and steel and they add a touch of elegance without disrupting the classic set-up of this type of boat. Then there are the pastel colours of the fabrics that create a more modern image. The overall outcome is, I would say, pleasant and well thought out.

Valerio Rivellini, who has drawn up the external lines, is the Mimì yard’s designer of reference.

The design by Rivellini is unusual, but never out of place. It pushes the boundaries but never goes beyond the limits of good taste. All in all, it gets noticed and appreciated. Furthermore, the utilisation of the space on the deck has been optimised. Thanks to fold-down backs, the sofas can quickly be converted into a large sun pad area.

Comfortable interiors for two people because the bow cabin has good headroom. The second room has more limited volumes, however.

The presence of the T-Top means that the bridge area can be protected, without becoming too cumbersome. There is protection from the sun where required, and clear areas fore and aft. Proof of the fact that they have got the most out of the space available comes from having a tender garage, which is distinctly rare for a boat with a length overall of 11.5 metres. This is also because below decks, as well as the engine room and the tender garage, there are also two cabins. The main one is located under the deckhouse and has excellent headroom. The deckhouse isn’t that high and doesn’t change the classic gozzo lines, but despite that, the height in the cabin is nevertheless more than comfortable.


Going forward, the height is reduced, but that is where the bedhead is located, so it isn’t a problem. Light comes in through the portholes and hatch on the deckhouse. The bathroom is welcoming, as is the linear kitchen located on the port side. The second cabin, however, is more limited in size. What you don’t see, but has been significantly changed, is the production method. All Mimì boats are made in infusion and are no longer laminated by hand. That means they have been able to keep the displacement down, and a boat like the Libeccio 11 WA comes in weighing a couple of tonnes less than something similar built using traditional construction techniques.

Less weight also means that less powerful engines are needed, or you get better performance out of the same ones. There are two 250-horsepower Yanmars with V-Drive, and the resulting performance is not that of a traditional gozzo. It planes at twelve knots, but above it gets up to nearly thirty at top speed. That is surprisingly fast, and something you can do without using an excessive amount of fuel. You just need 31 litres per hour in total to plane, and at 29.7 knots that figure is 96.5 litres. The litres per mile figure confirms the snapshot number. From planning minimum to top speed, you go from 2.6 to 3.2 litres per mile. You can comfortably cruise at twenty knots while just using fifty or so litres for both engines. These are numbers that were very different before the yard introduced the infusion process.

And the performance is convincing not just in terms of data. The feeling at the helm is one of complete safety. The hull of the Libeccio 11 is always stable and fairly manageable despite the onboard motor. The choice of the V-Drive means that the engine is as far aft as possible. You gain space inside and move the weight back. The feeling of stability when underway probably comes from that design decision. The Libeccio 11 seems to sit on the water well, without ever getting into difficulty when going through waves, and is sure of itself in holding course. It is not a boat that has been designed to zig-zag between buoys with continuous and sudden changes in course, but it does nevertheless give a feeling of control. So, you just need to steer it normally, and it responds well. There is no lack of possibilities, not least because the spread of possible cruising speeds is distinctly broad.

The T-Top means that the bridge area can be protected, without becoming too cumbersome.

Even though it has a modern style, the Libeccio 11 can use displacement mode, like a traditional gozzo fishing boat, and thus save fuel. At eight knots, for example, the litres per hour overall figure is 10.5, and the range extends to as much as 361 nautical miles. And then there are all the speeds with the hull out of the water, from planning minimum to top speed. The two perfect speeds are,  I would say, 20 and 25 knots. The former is for calm sailing: no issues on the waves, and low fuel consumption. The second is if you need to get somewhere, like when you have to get back to port when weather conditions change quickly.

Engine room
There are two inboards with V-Drive each developing 250 horsepower. That is more than enough power for the limited displacement, so the top speed touches thirty knots.

Via Cavone degli Sbirri, 6
I-80125 Agnano, Napoli
T. +39 081 7621324
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The new feature of the latest version is the redesign of the aft area along the lines of the Libeccio 13.5 Cabin.

Rivellini Yacht Design Studio 

LOA 11.00m • Length 9.40m • Maximum beam 3.50m • Displacement 7,000 kg • Fuel tank volume 470 l • Water tank volume 250 l

2x4LV250 Yanmar • Outlet mechanical power 184 kW (250 hp) • 4 cylinders • Swept volume 2.75 l • Maximal rotational speed 3800/min • Bore&Stroke 92mm x 103.6mm • Dry weight 334 kg

CAT B – 12 people

295,000€ (May 2023)

(Mimì Libeccio 11 WA, a contemporary classic – Barchemagazine.com – May 2023)