Meros Yachtsharing Unveils Custom Sunseeker 95 at boot Düsseldorf

At this year’s boot Düsseldorf yacht show, Meros Yachtsharing took centre stage, showcasing their forward-thinking approach to yacht co-ownership. The spotlight of their exhibit was the newly added Sunseeker Meros Signature 95 – a highly customized addition to their expanding fleet.

This latest addition brings Meros Yachtsharing’s collection to three head-turning Sunseeker yachts. The fleet now boasts two Sunseeker 95s and one slightly smaller yet equally elegant Sunseeker 86. The presentation at the renowned boat show was conducted by brand ambassador and avid Meros member, BWT Alpine F1 driver Esteban Ocon.

Meros Yachtsharing

Esteban Ocon’s Perspective

Ocon expressed his belief in Meros’ model, emphasizing its sustainability and innovation. He sees it as a unique way to make the unparalleled experiences of yachting accessible to a broader audience. Despite his hectic racing schedule, Ocon looks forward to spending time on the Sunseeker Meros Signature 95 and other Meros yachts in various locations.

Overall, the Sunseeker Meros Signature 95 stands out with its tailored modifications. The design of the bow creates a sheltered forward area for guests to enjoy. A complete refresh of the paintwork gives the yacht a cleaner, sportier, and more modern finish. The flybridge has been reconfigured to accommodate a bespoke spa bath, crane, jetski, and generous entertaining space with heated seats and a BBQ.

Revolutionizing Yacht Ownership

Founded in 2019 by a successful German entrepreneur and experienced yacht owner, Meros Yachtsharing presents a compelling alternative to sole yacht ownership. Their unique yacht-sharing model distributes costs parallel to usage, offering a more sustainable and affordable setup compared to traditional ownership.

Currently operating in Germany, Spain (Balearic Islands), Malta, and soon in the UK, Meros stands as the exclusive contractual partner for Sunseeker superyachts co-ownership in Europe. Managing Director Georg Oehme notes the company’s consistent growth since its foundation and emphasizes the importance of responsible expansion.

Environmental Responsibility

Meros is actively environmentally conscious, using HVO-100 fuel across all new yachts. In fact, collaborating with Repsol for distribution and MTU Rolls Royce for research and development showcases their commitment to responsible growth.

Meros Yachtsharing

Meros’ Flexshare co-ownership model provides access to 10 yachting hotspots from Mallorca to Dubai. Clients purchase a share, granting them a certain number of weeks in desired locations. Moreover, the Flexshare model eliminates the hassle of traditional charter bookings. It also offers peace of mind at sea, with toys included along with yacht management.

Exclusive Concierge and Benefits

Meros’ concierge complements this highly flexible Flexshare model, offering exclusive invites to prestigious events like the F1 Monaco Grand Prix. Partnerships with entities like Netjets and Thirdhome provide co-owners with additional benefits.

After a successful stint in the Western Mediterranean, Flexshare will expand into the Eastern Mediterranean and the UAE. Additionally, Meros offers a Quarter model, a more classic ownership structure currently available for the Sunseeker 86 yacht.

Regardless of the chosen model, Meros ensures an unparalleled onboard experience. Guests benefit from a captain, deckhand, stewardess, and a first-class personal chef.

In the dynamic landscape of yacht co-ownership, Meros Yachtsharing stands as a beacon of innovation, providing enthusiasts with a sustainable and accessible path to luxury maritime experiences.

(Meros Yachtsharing Unveils Custom Sunseeker 95 at boot Düsseldorf – – January 2024)