M/Y Grey world debut at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023

Tankoa Yachts announced the debut of 50-meter M/Y Grey. Despite being part of the Tankoa S501 series, GREY is substantially different from her sister ships, and the three-deck layout, conceived by exterior designer Francesco Paszkowski, was heavily customized to meet the owner’s needs.

In addition to the standard features that characterize the timeless Tankoa S501 series design, the owner added a spectacular exterior home cinema screen. This high-definition, high-brightness screen is located in front of the pool lounge on the foredeck. GREY is also equipped with a high-end sound system designed by award-winning Franco-British brand Focal & Naim.

“Our usual flexibility in meeting customer requests is evident in the customizations made aboard GREY, such as the installation of a forward pool and the fantastic never-before-seen cinema/sound system. The black and gray paint gives GREY an elegant look,” says Giuseppe Mazza, Tankoa’s sales and marketing manager.

Giorgio Maria Cassetta worked closely with the owner to create a luxurious and sophisticated interior. Together they created a warm and inviting look and feel, making great use of a range of natural materials, such as rich woods and veined marble. The interiors also benefit from enlarged windows on the main deck, glass bulkheads and folding balconies to enhance the important connection between inside and outside.

The owner opted for the conventional propulsion package offered by Tankoa, which provides a maximum speed of 18 knots when using both main diesel engines for propulsion and a diesel generator for hotel cargo.

Visits can have to be booked:

Wednesday, 27th:
– Option 1: 11:30 AM
– Option 2: 2:30 PM

Thursday, 28th:
– Option 1: 2:30 PM
– Option 2: 4:30 PM

Friday, 29th:
– Option 1: 2:30 PM
– Option 2: 4:30 PM

Location: Berth C07, QUAI CHICANE

(M/Y Grey world debut at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023 – barchemagazine.com – September 2023)