Lomac Granturismo 10.5, flawless

The Lomac Granturismo 10.5, with two Suzuki DF350s on the transom, is a boat that can really get your heart racing. We clocked up fifty knots top speed

by Angelo Colombo – photo by Andrea Muscatello

WITH THE GRANTURISMO 10.5, LOMAC HAS ONCE AGAIN SHOWN THAT IT KNOWS HOW TO SELECT AND WORKTOP QUALITY MATERIALS. One feels one is on board a small but luxurious yacht, thanks to the use of first-rate steel specially worked for this model, of teak that has been carefully laid, and furnishings that are comfortable and elegant. The two Suzuki DF350 outboards are engines that we already know very well, and having equipment of this size and weight immediately made us assume that it would produce significant performance levels. Those expectations were completely met, as proved by the 50.7 knot top speed we reached. The powerful thrust produced by the two Japanese outboards is helped by a good and well-balanced hull design.

A very carefully created, and efficient bridge, which puts the helmsman in the right place, and safely so. The top-quality instrumentation means that all of the data from the onboard facilities and navigation can always be seen.

You get a feeling of complete safety at the helm, and the Suzuki-branded Furuno instrumentation is complete and above all fully visible in any light conditions. We, of course, got a bit carried away with all that power, and the hull that was ready to back up all of the helmsman’s whims, finding that – despite the size and the horsepower on the transom – it is a boat that is always easy to handle and can give some pleasant emotions. Going over bow waves, it was always a soft impact, and the way the engines handled meant that you could even take them at full speed without any problem. Maneuverability was always excellent, both at low power with the electronically-managed helm and at full speed. It has a very tight turning circle, and if you manage the throttle and start out at forty knots, you can get round to less than a boat length and come out of the turn at 35 knots. All of that can be done in complete safety, and with everybody dry and in place, thanks to the correct location of the seats and the presence of a large number of grab handles in the right places.

Top construction quality, the best materials, and customised accessories for a luxury boat.

It has very obviously been fitted out for people who like spending long days at sea – the stern dinette, with its sun protection, is comfortable and can easily be transformed into a large sun area, as can the stern area, where an electrically operated fold-down table again means it can be changed round quickly. This is a boat that has been able to bring together sportiness with living space and comfort and is a RIB that really surprised us, including below decks, with a comfortable double room and separate bathroom as well as the outside kitchen, complete with fridge, sink and cooking hob.

The very positive aspect of this maxi RIB is having just the right areas so it can be used by a couple for several days, and a deck that can be used by a sizeable group of friends, which is typical in sporty RIBs, thanks to the large and comfortable cockpit which is very well protected by the highest tubes, which are in turn fitted with a further overlying section in fiberglass in the stern area, so you can spend time comfortably and safely throughout.

A relatively narrow hull, and one that is very effective on the rough sea. The open spaces have been very carefully designed from an ergonomic point of view, and are suitable for family outings.

In terms of construction, the materials that have been used to meet weight restrictions are vinyl ester resin with quadriaxial fabrics and finishes in neopentyl Gelcoat, while for the tubes that taper towards the bow with a maximum cross-section of 66.5 cm, a traditionally-cut neoprene fabric has been used. The boat is truly a GT that is worthy of the name, where performance and comfort come together onboard an inflatable that is very well finished and where every single component has been carefully selected.

Lomac Nautica S.r.l.
Via Bruno Buozzi, 26
I-20097 San Donato Milanese (MI)
T. +39 02 51800538
[email protected]

PROJECT: Shipyard technical department

HULL: LOA 10.60m Maximum beam 3.57m Draft 0.50m Light mass displacement 2,500 kg Full mass displacement 4,000 kg Fuel tank volume 540 l Water tank volume 80 l

MAIN PROPULSION: 2 Suzuki DF350 Outlet mechanical power 257 kW (350 hp) 6 V-shaped cylinders Bore & Stroke 98mm x 97mm Total swept volume 4,390 cc Compression ratio 12.0:1 Maximal rotational speed 6300/min Weight 330 kg


PRICE: 222,788 , Excl.VAT (August 2021)

(Lomac Granturismo 10.5, flawless – Barchemagazine.com – August 2021)