LEVI PMP 8punto5, an effective project 

The Levi PMP 8punto5 can boast structural design by Olivari Engineering, while the superstructure was designed by Pasquale Maria Passalacqua. Thanks to the 260hp Mercury diesel engine it exceeds 40 knots

by Angelo Colombo, photo by Andrea Muscatello

For pleasure boating fans, there are names, symbols and logos that bring stories to mind, intense experiences for people who constantly strive to raise the bar of progress. One of these stories was written by Renato Sonny Levi, a designer who has tied his name and his logo, the seahorse, which we now find on the cushions of this beautiful boat, to some of the most futuristic projects in nautical history. LEVI PMP 8punto5  8

So we were quick to accept when we were offered the chance to try out the Levi 8punto5, and we were lucky that on the day the sea in Genoa was rough. Why was that lucky? Normally we like to try out boats for the first time on a calm sea, as that means we can get to know a lot about the trim without the variables dictated by sea conditions.

In this case, we were able to test a fast and high-performance boat, which doesn’t use a lot of fuel and which copes with rough sea extraordinarily well. To understand this boat you really do have to go out to sea and take on waves at high speed: you will find that the boat cuts through them, absorbs their energy and releases them towards the stern without a single drop of water coming on board.

And not just that, with an 8.50 metre boat doing 35 knots on a sea with force three winds and waves of around a metre, which what is more is only powered by a single 260 hp turbo diesel engine, you would expect it to crash down when taking a jump, and for it more or less to lose shape.

The Levi PMP 8punto5 – to give the boat its full name – jumps, and its deep-V manages to absorb the fall very softly without crashing and without creating lateral inertia which might cause passengers to lose their grip. Of course it isn’t just the shape of the hull which is behind such convincing and reassuring handling at sea.

LEVI PMP 8punto5  4A lot of it is the consequence of the weight and how it is distributed, from the width of the VTR hull and the tubes which are designed to ensure stability both in static and dynamic conditions. The hull is very wide at the stern, where the tubing is smaller than it is in other brand’s boats, but that, together with the very narrow and deep bow, is part of the secret of being so efficient and of impeccable handling on rough sea.

Handling is also always good, and taking the sea side-on is never a problem. Overall, it is a well built boat, in which the details have been carefully thought out to the extent that it feels like a luxury sea-going GT, equipped with a hull which carries Renato Sonny Levi’s hydrodynamic ideas.

To harmonise and carefully manage the production details of the development of the Levi 8punto5 there is the structural design by Olivari Engineering and the deck design by PMP Design, directed by Pasquale Maria Passalacqua. Also the composites, entirely made with infusion techniques and epoxy resins by the Portegrandi yard in Venice, are of a very high technical level.

Our Test. We should say first of all that the maximum power that can be fitted is 500 hp, so nearly double the 260 hp which we had available with our Mercury Diesel V6 TDI with Bravo 3X stern drive, fitted with a double, 28” counter-rotating propeller. So the people who executed this project cleverly chose to show that a good hull performs well because it is efficient, not because it can handle a huge amount of power.

And the Levi 8punto5 proves itself in terms of fuel consumption, as well as being comfortable and fast when required. This great engine and the efficient water lines mean that the two tonne boat always moves easily. The boat planes with ease, and easily holds its trim at just over eight knots, while using just under 10 litres an hour.LEVI PMP 8punto5  3

From that point the acceleration is progressive, decisive and regular, certainly not that of petrol-powered machines with perhaps double the horsepower, which this boat can actually fit, but definitely more than most pleasure boaters ask for from their boat.

The Levi PMP 8punto5 has the soul of a pirate, but it is also docile and reassuring at sea, in a way that not many boats are. It is easy to adjust the trim with the flaps, and they work very effectively.

The driving position is excellent, and from there you feel that you have complete control of the boat, even when you open the throttle right up and take on the waves.

LEVI PMP 8punto5
PMP Design (interiors and exteriors) • LEVI DESIGN (Naval Architecture) OLIVARI ENGINEERING
HULL LOA 8.77m • Maximum beam 2.689m • Draft 0.6m • Light mass displacement 2000 kg • Full mass displacement 4800 kg – Fuel tank volumes  250 l • Water tank volume 230 l
2 Mercruiser Diesel • Outlet mechanical power 191 kW • Number of cylinders 6 V-shaped • Bore & Stroke 83mm X 95mm • Total swept volume • Maximal rotational speed 4000/min • Weight 306 kg
PRICE 178.700,00 <euro  as tested • 131.500,00 Ä bare boat • 213.400,00 Ä with Mercury Diesel 4.2 V8 TDI of 370 hp • 158.000,00 Ä with  Mercruiser 377 MAG of 320 hp (patrol)

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(LEVI PMP 8punto5 – Barchemagazine.com – Maggio 2018)