Kiribati 38, Floating Life’s new explorer is born

Modern, bold exterior lines for the new Kiribati 38 project, a collaboration between Floating Life, which handled concept, design, engineering, and will also handle sales; the CCN-Gruppo Baglietto shipyard for construction; Zero13 naval architecture studio for water lines; and Satura Studio for interior and exterior design.

The hull was studied and tested thoroughly by Andrea Pezzini, director and co-founder of Floating Life, together with the Zero13 studio, optimizing the hull’s fluid dynamics to reduce fuel consumption at all speeds and make sailing safer and more comfortable.

Kiribati 38 is a true explorer, which, thanks to a range of 5,000 nautical miles at 10 knots and a large stowage capacity for provisions and water, allows the owner and his guests to spend a lot of time on board and enjoy long-range sailing, safely exploring the most remote areas of the world even in extreme conditions.

“The design carried out for this hull, combined with the use of CFD and tank tests, has led to important results in terms of the efficiency of the hull and its appendages, increasing the hydrodynamic efficiency by 10 percent compared to a similar hull and with the same tonnage with a consequent reduction in consumption.”– said Emilio D’Onofrio of the Zero13 studio “The balance achieved between the hull volumes and the geometric centers, moreover, guarantees excellent seakeeping also verified by tests carried out at the CNR – INSEAN in Rome.”

Efficiency, reliability and robustness

“The study done for Kiribati 38 focused on the possibility of using two different types of propulsion without changing the sizing and shapes, this allows to mount both a traditional propulsion and a full electric propulsion”-explains Andrea Pezzini of Floating Life“For this reason with Zero13 study we reworked the hull shapes, so that we could minimize the power applied, while still maintaining the promised range. The study of every dimensioning and system was revised for optimization in both performance and weight, but without in any way reducing the reliability and robustness that an Explorer called to go around the world must have.”

Kiribati 38, with a length of 38.7 meters and a maximum beam of 8.50 meters, offers incredibly large volumes, as Francesco Viola of Satura Studio explains, “The most important features of this boat are the volumes that are absolutely unique in its class. A 38-meter with 5 decks and a continuous lower deck layout that can directly connect the cabins to the beach area. The design of the exteriors is developed on taut and pure lines, the surfaces that envelop it connecting together translate to the eye its marine character, imposing, pure and elegant.”


Inside, the large, private owner’s area is set forward of the main deck and boasts a study with a sitting area at the entrance, a spacious full-beam cabin, a dressing room and two separate bathrooms with large shared shower.

The other 10 guests find accommodation on the lower deck in five spacious and comfortable suites, which are independent and equipped with every comfort, while the crew of 8 has four cabins located in a separate and dedicated area, with laundry, crew mess and a remarkable well-equipped and very functional professional galley.

The solution adopted for the accommodation of the engines in the under lower deck allows a layout with lower deck arranged on a single level, thus allowing the guest cabins located in the lower deck to enjoy direct access to the beach platform through a gym area.

Exterior layout

The exterior layout, in addition to the beach area, offers five other exterior areas to ensure great privacy even with all 12 guests on board.

The tender can be accommodated in a tender garage inside the gym, an ideal solution for long sailing trips with a tender on board, which also allows for a large tender up to 6 meters in length.

“The Kiribati 38 is a true Explorer Yacht, without compromise, designed for long cruises in complete safety and great comfort.” – explains Filippo Rossi, CCO of Floating Life“With a range of 5,000 miles, it offers exceptional autonomy. Its name is inspired by the Kiribati Islands, an archipelago in the heart of the Pacific Ocean that has always been a safe haven for ocean explorers, so there could not have been a better name for a project with these characteristics.”

Floating Life’s Charter&Brokerage division will handle the international market promotion and sale of this project in central agencies worldwide, starting with a price tag of 23 million euros. Delivery is scheduled in 24 months from the start of construction entrusted to CCN, a division of the Baglietto Group.

(Kiribati 38, Floating Life’s new explorer is born – – April 2023)