Innovamarine, the management software

BlueShell is the first management software for marinas and shipyards. It is an authentic entirely cloud-based virtual assistant. Easy to use both in the office or in any other point of the port, by tablet or smartphone

by Carla Pagani

HOW OFTEN HAVE WE WISHED THAT A ROBOT COULD DO EVERYTHING IN OUR PLACE? Technology has made quantum leaps and even if our daily lives are still not peopled by all-purpose androids, the apps on our smartphones allow us to do almost anything today with a simple touch of the hand. Even managing a marina or a shipyard can be easy and practical. Especially if you have a quick and efficient new-generation management system like BlueShell, the first entirely cloud-based virtual assistant for marina and shipyard management.

management software
The BlueShell management system has been chosen by the Marinedi Group, headed by engineer Renato Marconi.

Quick, intuitive, flexible, BlueShell is based on an idea by Emanuele, Armando, Lucio, and Federico from Innovamarine. Today, it is present with its products in about 200 ports in Italy, Canada, Malta, Cyprus, Spain, Croatia and Hungary. BlueShell was presented for the first time at the Genoa Boat Show in 2013. In just a few years, it started to reap success. The feedback from anyone using it is always highly positive. Including Marinedi, the largest group of marinas in Italy, which has chosen BlueShell to manage its ports throughout the Italian peninsula. But the universe of Innovamarine does not include only BlueShell.

There is also DockBooking, an app for online boat dock booking and promotion. And then there is DockSensor, a new automatic system monitoring marina occupancy in real time. Why choose BlueShell? There are more than a few valid reasons to do so. First of all, it is a very easy tool to use; it is functionally complete to automatise the most demanding and repetitive processes, have more control over the activities and organisation of port operations, and save time while providing more transparency to the marina’s clientele.

«And then there is an assistant supporting clients at all times. At sea as well as in the marina, speed is key, which is why we have set up a quick assistance system», as Armando and Federico explain. «We always intervene within thirty minutes: our presence is constant and there is always someone answering each call. We believe this is one of our main strengths». But BlueShell is practical, above all: it can send direct push notifications with payment deadlines or reminders, finished operations in the shipyards, and much, much more. All automatically.

«At sea as well as in the marina, speed is key, which is why we have set up a quick assistance system». Armando Alario e Federico Antonini

And then, there is the cloud, which is what makes the difference: «BlueShell can be accessed from any device. Precisely because we use the cloud, you don’t need to download any specific app or software. All you need is an internet connection. And the information can be shared with other systems as well». Finally, there is customization. «Our programme is constantly updated and in continuous evolution. This allows us to satisfy clients’ demands as they request specific and dedicated modifications», as BlueShell’s creators add. In fact, the system can be personalised depending on the brand: from the logo to the colours, BlueShell adapts to the client’s coordinated image.

management software

(Innovamarine, the management software – – August 2021)