Hydro Tec’s 20th anniversary, hydrodinamics in the DNA Hydro Tec’s 20th anniversary, hydrodinamics in the DNA
Sergio Cutolo is celebrating the Hydro Tec’s 20th anniversary, the company founded in 1995 to answer the ever more increasing demand of design quality... Hydro Tec’s 20th anniversary, hydrodinamics in the DNA

Sergio Cutolo is celebrating the Hydro Tec’s 20th anniversary, the company founded in 1995 to answer the ever more increasing demand of design quality in the boating industry

ENGINEER SERGIO CUTOLO’S STORY IS STRICTLY RELATED TO HIS INTEREST IN BOATS AND HIS PASSION FOR THE SEA: «Ever since I was a child – I’m sure it is normal if you are born in Naples – the sea was the centre of my world, but boats were my real passion. This is the reason why I chose to study naval engineering at the Federico II University of Naples, where I had the good fortune of meeting many people who to this day are still successfully involved in the nautical world. Once I finished studying, I started working at Cetena, the Research Group part of Fincantieri, where I met Vincenzo Poerio and enjoyed a fascinating and very formative experience. In those years, 1984-85, only Baglietto and Picchiotti did research work; I sent my CV and Baglietto offered me a job. At first I was hesitant, because of the great work relationship I had established at Cetena, but I was very motivated and in the end I accepted. I was welcomed by Alcide Sculati and a young team that worked in a very austere but dynamic environment. I was immediately fascinated by the fact that what we designed was produced straight away, often just a few days later I could touch what we had designed. It was an incredibly stimulating experience. The first time I walked into the yard I saw Italia, the boat with which Italy took part to the America’s Cup, this really impressed me. With this team we designed a 46 m steel hull with a light alloy superstructure that was built at the Campanella shipyard – which this year celebrates 100 years of activity – where Mondomarine is located today and where we are building a 40 m explorer. At Baglietto we also designed an ultramodern 35 m, a very fast light alloy boat. After that I worked for Rodriguez, where I made some very important and interesting experiences before going back to Baglietto, encouraged by Leopoldo Rodriguez, where I became Technical Director of the shipyard. During this period, I worked on many important projects, including Opus, Francesco Paszkowski’s debut project. Despite the difficult economic climate, I stayed at Baglietto. While I was there I received a number of interesting proposals but they all would have taken me away from my real interest, the sea. Finally, in 1995, I founded Hydro Tec».

How did the Hydro Tec adventure start?
I must say that I benefited from a deal that Baglietto signed with the American company Trident, just a few months before closing down, which stipulated the construction of a number of projects for which there already were three or four orders. Thanks to this experience I came in contact with other professionals, such as Paolo Caliari, with whom I worked on two fast trawlers with Proteksan. My Hydro Tec was officially established on 1 July 1995, and I have been self-employed ever since. I have completed many projects, actually, I should say “we”, because Hydro Tec is not just the studio of a designer, it is a naval architecture company.

2015 is an important year not just because of the anniversary…
That’s right, in 2015 alone we have launched two Palumbo, the second 40S Sport Hybrid and the 57 m Classic, entirely designed by us; we also launched three Darwin 86’ built by Cantiere delle Marche, where we also have a 102’ and a 107’, plus a 42 m IAG Yachts. And we are working on the engineering of a Darwin Nauta 108’. We have also started building a new 40 m at the Mondomarine shipyard, another explorer, which I consider the perfect synthesis model.

So, today Hydro Tec is much more than just the studio of an engineer…
Over the years Hydro Tec has evolved in order to find solutions for all production stages, from the initial idea to actual construction. Having a naval architect on board is a great advantage, because we work together on a daily basis and together we find better solutions for both aesthetic and functional issues and avoid surprises during construction.

(Hydro Tec’s 20th anniversary, hydrodinamics in the DNA – Barchemagazine.com – November 2015)