HP Watermakers, state-of-the-art desalinators on board Gulf Craft superyachts

HP Watermakers and Gulf Craft, a partnership that has lasted 20 years and which this year saw the launch of two yachts, Majesty 100′ and Nomad 95′ SUV, both equipped with HP Watermakers SCD 260 RP Tronic automatic double desalinators.

HP Watermakers produces state-of-the-art technology, with dual desalinators capable of producing as much as 320 l/h of drinking water each. The company automatic watermakers are the first to be fully compatible with onboard electronic systems from leading manufacturers such as Raymarine, Garmin, Furuno, Simrad, B&G and Lowrance.

HP Watermakers

Part-NET 1.0, and later Part-NET 2.0, provided end-users with a powerful tool to manage the entire desalination system, in particular pressure, temperature and salinity settings, from the comfort of the deck plotter, or even from a smartphone when an Internet connection is available, without the need for manual intervention. In particular, Part-NET 2.0 allowed end-users to customise parameters quickly and independently, without any intervention from HP Watermakers

The partnership with Gulf Craft

It was 1999, and that year’s Dubai Boat Show was the occasion for HP Watermakers to land in the Emirates and enter into a partnership with Gulf Craft.

Majesty 100′ and Nomad 95′ SUV are the yard’s latest two yachts equipped with HP Watermakers SCD 260 RP Tronic automatic desalinators. In all, there are 6 units of 100s on order, and all will be equipped with the HP Watermakers machines.

Majesty 95 SUV

The reasons for the success of this collaboration are explained by Gianni Zucco, Co-founder of HP Watermakers: “The novelty is to have two desalinators with the size of a single one. The advantages are easy to see: with a footprint of only 1100x600x500 mm, in practice that of a single desalinator, we have two”.

Compact dimensions, hence a more uncluttered engine room. A strength underlined by Zucco is also its low weight of 130kg. In addition, HP Watermakers SCD 260 RP Tronic, the smallest in the range, has an output of around 320 l/h (2×160 l/h), while the top of the range producing 1200 l/h is only 200 mm taller with the same base dimensions.

HP Watermakers has been a partner of Gulf Craft for more than twenty years but also has more than twenty years of a constant presence in the Emirates and throughout the Middle East. A presence that has taken concrete form with the creation of a sales and service office in Dubai, which joins others in the Maldives, South Africa and Fort Lauderdale in Florida, also identifying the areas where HP Watermakers has its greatest presence, which, not coincidentally, also correspond to the docks with the highest density of yachts and maxi yachts.

Opening image: Majesty 100′

(HP Watermakers, state-of-the-art watermakers on board Gulf Craft superyachts – barchemagazine.com – June 2022)