HP Watermakers presents the new SCA 500 watermaker in Cannes

The Cannes Yachting Festival in Cannes (Sept. 12-17, 2023) has always been an opportunity to present all the novelties for the new boating season to a large international audience. HP Watermakers is no exception, and HP Watermakers outlined them at a press conference on Thursday, September 14 at booth 063 at the Palais des Festival.

On the occasion of the Cannes Yachting Festival we are presenting for the first time a new watermaker that raises the bar considerably in terms of production capacity, energy savings and, increasingly important also on megayachts, very small size and weight: it is called SCA 500 because 500 are the l/h it is able to produce while consuming only 3 kW,” explains Gianni Zucco, CO-Founder of HP Watermakers. “Cannes was then an opportunity to take stock of the partnership with Mase and GenSet to which we have given the name ‘Together We Boat,’ a strategic alliance based on common vocations for cutting-edge technology and commercial dynamism. Finally, we illustrated our new brand image with the new Pay off:Free WATER, Clean WORLD that reinforces our mission in having a more sustainable approach by avoiding the use of plastic.”

hp watermakers
Gianni Zucco

The New HP Watermakers SCA 500

To understand how innovative, but perhaps it would be more correct to say revolutionary, the new HP Watermakers SCA 500 desalinator is, it is enough to remember that it has practically the same dimensions as the ‘small’ 100 Kilo (which produces 120 l/h with a consumption of 1 kW) but is capable of producing 500 l/h of fresh water with a consumption of only 3 kW, exactly half of its competitors with the same production capacity. To be precise, the exact measurements are 842 cm wide, 460 cm deep and 420 cm high for only 85 kg in weight, again less than half of its competitors.

This result is the result of technological development, which has always been HP Watermakers’ strong point: in fact, by customizing the membranes and directly manufacturing their housings and high-pressure pumps, it does not have to adapt its designs to what the market offers but finalizes them to its objectives. Specifically, the custom membranes are sized to use all the water flow of the pumps, which in turn are optimized for the specific need.

In addition, the membranes work in parallel (not in series), and it is precisely because of all these arrangements that space and consumption have been kept down. Two pluses that will also be appreciated in the engine rooms of large yachts, which, despite their size, are now increasingly full of every equipment and even a few centimeters make a difference. Not to mention that containing consumption is a growing need considering the strong increase in hybrid yachts and the growing demand for energy on board to satisfy the large amount of equipment.

hp watermakers

A strategic alliance

“The partnership with Mase and GenSet is a child of the popular saying, ‘you like them, you get them,'” Gianni Zucco amusedly explains. “They are two companies in the same group that are leaders in the production of marine generators and, especially GenSet, not just those. We are united by a common passion for the pursuit of cutting-edge technology, and then with their ownership I am bound by a relationship of esteem and friendship, already for many years. After the commercial presentation at the beginning of the year in Düsseldorf, the first months have confirmed the validity of this strategic alliance by initiating new commercial agreements in Europe and, at the same time, laying the foundations for future collaboration in the American market given the long-standing experience our partners have in that area. In other words, the first steps of ‘Together We Boat’ have been very positive and promising.”

Hp Watermakers, Free Water, Clean World

The third new feature this season is the new brand identity, featuring the payoff “HP Watermakers – Free WATER, Clean WORLD. A choice that well represents the mission of the HP Watermakers brand, which through the use of its products ensures water on board by guaranteeing a more sustainable approach, avoiding the use of plastic.

(HP Watermakers presents the new SCA 500 watermaker in Cannes – barchemagazine.com – September 2023)