High-tech fishing: Garmin presents LiveScope Plus

Dedicated to all fishermen, Garmin’s LiveScope Plus is a high-definition system that allows you to view, in real time, everything in front of and below the boat.

Garmin’s system for exact and even more realistic perception of structures, fish and targets has three modes – Forward, Down and Perspective. In addition, the LiveScope Plus system also includes a bracket for the Perspective mode. The new LiveScope Plus transducer features not only offer even sharper target recognition, but can also identify and separate small targets with a range of over 30 metres. With a clear and clean signal return available in seven colour options the user will get precise and detailed images of anything below the waterline, such as moving fish or any kind of structure.

The LifeScope System

The new LiveScope Plus allows you to switch between LiveScope Down Mode, LiveScope Forward Mode and Perspective Mode with a simple turn of the transducer. This makes it easy and convenient to use the technology that best suits the type of fishing you want to do: the view automatically updates on the compatible Garmin chartplotter.

Garmin LiveScope Plus contains built-in sensors that continuously update the signal to compensate for the motion of the boat due to wave motion, ensuring a stable and accurate image at all times.

The LiveScope Plus system consists of the GLSTM 10 black box module and LVS34 transducer along with a trolling motor mounting kit, Perspective mode bracket and a plug-and-play connector that allows for easy installation and seamless integration with compatible Garmin chartplotters. If you already own a black box, you can purchase the LVS34 transducer individually. And thanks to full compatibility with the Garmin Marine Network, you can share high definition images between multiple networked chartplotters.

Both the complete LiveScope Plus system and the LVS34 LiveScope Plus transducer will be available from March at a suggested retail price of €2,199 and €1,450 incl. VAT respectively.

LiveScope Plus is compatible with the GPSMAP 8400 series, GPSMAP 723/923/1223, GPSMAP Plus, GPSMAP 1022/1222 with buttons, the Echomap Ultra and Echomap UHD. For more information please visit www.garmin.com

(High-tech fishing: Garmin introduces LiveScope Plus – Barchemagazine.com – February 2022)