Gulf Craft with its Nomad Yachts range at the Dubai International Boat Show

Gulf Craft will launch an extended range of Nomad Yachts at the Dubai International Boat Show.  The new range is added to the already successful Nomad 55, Nomad 65 and Nomad 75.

Gulf Craft commissioned the renowned British designer Andrew Wolstenholme to draw up the hull lines of earlier 65 and 55 models and the new flagship Nomad 95. The same design formulae were used on all models with Wolstenholme drawing the hull lines and Gulf Craft Chairman Mohammed Alshaali and his in-house design team at Gulf Craft creating the styling of the superstructure, the interior layout, and the engineering details.

gulf craft

The company invested in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). This technology allows reducing the development time. The Nomad Yachts range incorporate materials such as carbon fiber and Kevlar for the deck and flybridge increasing stiffness, reducing weight and enhancing the stability of the yacht.

gulf craft

Nomad Yachts fleet uses a hybrid hull design with the potential for long-range cruising at 15-20 knots with 30 knots maximum speed.

The performance and handling of the models under the Nomad Yachts range have been proven in the Gulf, Turkey, Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia with long-distance voyages. The first sea trials, in late January of 2015 from the shipyard to Kuwait, covered a distance of 500 nautical miles in rough sea conditions on the Nomad 65, showing the yacht’s stability at seas as high as 12 feet with winds up to 35 knots.

This new line of crafts will be revealed at the Dubai Boat Show,

Gulf Craft was founded in the Emirates in 1982 and boasts a production of yachts ranging from 27 feet to 175 feet in length. In addition to the Nomad Yachts range, the company production includes the Majesty Yachts range, Silvercraft fishing boats and family cruisers, and Oryx yachts and cruisers.