Gulf Craft Explores Emission-Free Yachting with Hydrogen-Powered Superyachts

In a bold step towards sustainability, Gulf Craft, a renowned global boat and yacht manufacturer, is delving into the realm of hydrogen technology to propel its superyacht fleet into a cleaner future.

Partnering with H2-Enterprises, Gulf Craft is on the path to developing a zero-emissions Majesty yacht. This innovative endeavor could see the use of a Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) energy system, a cutting-edge technology that H2-Enterprises has been refining over the last 13 years, tailored specifically for powering superyachts.

Chairman’s Vision

Expressing his enthusiasm, Gulf Craft Chairman, Mohammed Hussein Alshaali, stated, “We are excited to embark on a significant new milestone in the evolution of luxury yachting and our path to sustainability. The shipyard has always been driven by a deep commitment to innovation and responsible stewardship of our oceans. Exploring the technology and potential partnership with H2-Enterprises allows us to lead in a new era of emissions-free luxury, where opulence and sustainability intertwine seamlessly.”

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A Pioneering Force Speaks

Michael Stusch, Executive Chairman and CEO of H2-Enterprises underscored the urgency of reducing CO2 emissions to meet climate change goals. He mentioned, “Our LOHC technology is suitable for replacing the current carbon-based pollutant-contaminated CO2 and NOX based energy system.”

If successfully implemented, the introduction of a LOHC-based hydrogen-powered yacht would signify a groundbreaking move towards decarbonization in the yachting industry. Known for disrupting the industry, Gulf Craft and H2-Enterprises reaffirm their commitment to innovation.

This pioneering project aims to revolutionize the yachting sector by prioritizing clean energy technologies and sustainable design solutions. Stay tuned as Gulf Craft charts a new course towards emission-free luxury on the high seas.

(Gulf Craft Explores Emission-Free Yachting with Hydrogen-Powered Superyachts – – Novemeber 2023)