Giuseppe Bagnardi, from supercars to megayachts

The designer Giuseppe Bagnardi, with stylistic skills honed in the world of hypercars, has created the concept of a 55-metre maxiyacht with lots of interesting elements 

by Massimo Longoni

In the past, Giuseppe Bagnardi has worked at Bertone, Lamborghini and Volkswagen’s Advanced Design Centre in Braunschweig, Germany, where he worked directly for Walter de Silva.  giuseppe bagnardi

He has a deep passion for the nautical field. In this project for a 55-metre maxiyacht there are a lot of stylistic elements inspired by the world of cars. Bagnardi tells us: «The large air outlets in the stern with thin plates inside give the boat a sporty feel. The design places great emphasis on the size of the living areas, as can be seen from the large extendable terraces, which reach from the stern to midships and increase the interplay between interior and exterior areas».

The designer is also working on a project for a 17-metre vessel inspired by the F-117 Stealth aircraft, which will be able to reach 70 knots.

(Marzo 2018)