Giorgio Besenzoni presents LaPasserella

LaPasserella by Besenzoni does not use the traditional hydraulic power unit, thus avoiding the use of oil in the plant and/or in the engine room

by Niccolò Volpati – Video shooting by Andrea Muscatello

LaPasserella has been called this way to remind the simplicity of the product itself, but the technology we have adopted is completely new”, said Giorgio Besenzoni.

We took components from outside the nautical sector and customised them to make them suitable for the marine environment: brackish and rich in humidity, in order to create a new product that does not use hydraulic mineral oil.

Besenzoni decided to exclude oil from the operation of LaPasserella for one simple reason: to save weight on the boat and to respect the environment. Small seepages and oil leaks in the boat’s bilge will no longer occur. It also has the advantage of being lighter than traditionally handled gangways and another advantage is the speed of installation. There is a plug&play system: fast and easy using an electronic system that is easier to interpret and visualise. 

This model also has the possibility of being controlled with a radio control or by Bluetooth application. And it is nothing more than the fruit of continuous product development work, which is a common thread that has always distinguished the activities of this Lombard company.

For over 50 years it has been making different products suitable for any type of boat. LaPasserella was born from Besenzoni’s history of research and development of increasingly innovative products. This is the first eco friendly among Besenzoni’s products.

(Giorgio Besenzoni presents LaPasserella – – March 2021)