Gentili Mosconi Home, the art of fabrics

What are the origins of very high-quality fabrics? To find this out we went to Gentili Mosconi Home

by Sara Mauri – photo Alberto Cocchi

Fabrics intended for many purposes: for movie stars, exclusive residences, luxury yachts. Hanging and organised fabrics which mark 30 years of history.

In the small town of Casnate con Bernate, close to Como, there is a company specialised in fabrics and fine textile solutions, it’s the Gentili Mosconi, born in 1988 from the intuition of Patrizia Mosconi and Francesco Gentili.

Gentili Mosconi Home yacht barchemagazine

Patrizia Mosconi

The company is relatively young considering the textile history of the region. However, thanks to the creativity, culture and bravery of its two founders, it managed to establish itself on the market for the quality of its fabrics.

In 30 years of activity, the owners of the company succeeded in making an art out of fabrics. Such art has been widely recognised by the most prestigious clients and stylists.

Checks on products are meticulous, they are done by hand on each single piece of fabric. The same goes for the sketches: each digitalised drawing comes from a sketch done on paper or on a textile first.

We are talking about real masterpieces. Mr Gentili, who took me around, explained to me the difference between woven and printed fabrics.

Custom drawing is the cornerstone of the company, even in the high fashion sector. «Despite having 5 collections every year, we never take part in any fair because our way of working is exclusive». 

Gentili Mosconi Home barchemagazineOnly 5% of their sales volume comes from the nautical division, however, considering that their fabrics clothe some of the biggest and most beautiful boats in the world, this is an important sector for Gentili Mosconi Home.

It’s a sign of prestige and exclusiveness. And this is because the idea of high fashion fabrics for the home is found also in nautical products.

It often happens that a client requests a specific drawing which gets especially realised with sartorial methods, as it would happen for a dress.

Different papers, watercolours, charcoal drawings, thin and thick lines. Every fabric comes from the inspiration and imagination of the designers working in the style office of their company.

Gentili Mosconi Home owns an immense archive of volumes and materials which is almost a museum: the history of textiles and woven fabrics can be found here, in their big books with handmade drawings.

In thirty years Mr Gentili collected many of them. In the archive, there are books which are between 100 and 150 years old. Among them old company catalogues, textile schools’ notes, collections of samples used in the 1900 to sell textiles.Gentili Mosconi Home yacht barchemagazine

But it’s not just about old textiles, in their archive you can also find fabrics coming from different places: Indian, Scottish, African, French and Japanese fabrics.

Wool, cashmere, printed and woven fabrics from the most diverse region of the world. There are even fantasy fabrics from the 1904 spring-summer collection.

«Fabric is art» tells us Mr Gentili while he shows us a Paisly in cashmere from 1800. Every country in the world has its own artistic tradition of fabrics. Old models for printing made out of wood hang from the wall. A curiosity: those made out of wood and felt came after. It’s an immense cultural background.