Founded Equinoxe Yachts International, dedicated to the international market of large yachts

Equinoxe Yachts International was born thanks to the meeting of European nautical brokers active on the market for more than 30 years. The new company focuses on the purchase and sale of large yachts, with operational bases in Turin, Nice, Cala Galera, and Geneva.

The birth of the company was announced at the 57th edition of the Antigua Boat Show by Corrado Di Majo, President of Equinoxe International and Equinoxe S.r.l., and Alessandro Ussi, Managing Director of Equinoxe Srl.

Among the founders are Nicolas Valin, president of Neo Yachting, founded in Nice in 2009, with offices in Europe and Asia, Daniele Botticini and Marica Lippa of Wind Yachts, based in Cala Galera, a landmark in the center of the Tyrrhenian Sea and Alessandro Mazzoni, among the partners of Fraser Yachts, now Business Developer of Equinoxe International.

Founded in Turin in 1986, Equinoxe S.r.l. is among the first members of Myba, the organization that gathers the most representative world brokers, and of Nautica Italiana, the association of the Italian nautical sector which is responsible for 25% of the superyachts built in the world.

Founded in Nice in 2009, Neo Yachting is a member of ECPY and IYB, the leading French and American associations in the nautical sector.

Based in Cala Galera, near Rome, Wind Yachts is EYI’s main Italian nautical base. In addition to the activity

“Identifying the ideal yacht under the best conditions requires competence, time and a professional figure who is able to read the needs of the future owner by identifying the best proposals on the global market,” explains Corrado Di Majo.

The company targets the Italian and French markets, which account for over 40% of the global production of sailing and motor yachts and superyachts.

(Founded Equinoxe Yachts International, dedicated to the international market of large yachts – – February 2019)