Floating Life Night: the 2021 activities and a new line in one evening

The exclusive evening event at Floating Life’s Swiss headquarters was an opportunity to present its activities in 2021 and a range of new customisable Explorers

Floating Life, a boutique company founded by Andrea Pezzini and Barbara Tambani, provides a full range of services in the yachting world. Charter, management and brokerage enthusiasts, distinguished guests and potential new owners were invited to the special event to celebrate together a successful year for the company. During the welcome cocktail all the 2021 activity of Floating Life was presented. Staged in the villa’s garden with scenic braziers, the evening was a special moment for Floating Life’s clients, who were able to talk to the company’s entire team of professionals. The guests then reached the restaurant with a walk along the tree-lined avenue decorated with images of all the boats that make up the FL fleet.

“It was a very pleasant evening, a moment of celebration, a meeting between people who shared the same interest,” says Andrea Pezzini.

“We are very pleased with the success of this event,” says Andrea Pezzini, CEO of Floating Life. “This evening has strengthened our relationship with our customers. We are pleased but also surprised at how many people enthusiastically joined our event at such a difficult time in history, given the ongoing pandemic. This gave us a lot of energy that we are turning into just as much enthusiasm.”

floating life
The FL42 presentation

The evening in Vacallo, Switzerland, at the Floating Life headquarters, was also an opportunity to present the design of the new FL 42 and the FL Series (of which the 42-metre is part, together with the FL38 and the FL47), a line of totally customisable yachts based on a technical platform, designed by Andrea Pezzini with the collaboration of Satura Studio, characterised by the introduction of an extra deck: the under lower deck. Designed to house the engine room, this level frees up space in the guest area on the lower deck, creating a corridor that places this sector in direct contact with the beach area, facilitating crew service. By moving the engine room, all the weights can be carried lower down, improving the stability of the ship while providing an adjoining technical space for laundry or storage, for example.

All models are designed with a range of 5,000 nautical miles to enable carefree Atlantic crossings. The FL42, in particular, is designed to be used for Fractional Ownership or Timesharing, two particular types of timeshare created by Floating Life.

“The FL line incorporates some of the themes we proposed on the K42 Audace, but at the same time it has something extra,” comments the founder of Floating Life. “First of all, the hull has been rethought by reworking calculations and hydrodynamic resistance factors. The corridor, which we were able to create on the lower deck by moving the engine room up a level, provides convenient access to the sea for all the cabins. There is also a day head on every deck – a rarity on a 40-metre yacht, especially on the sun deck. The 42-metre is certainly an ideal yacht for those who want to experience the sea to the full, well structured and with a very high level of safety. It is a transversal yacht suitable for a wide range of owners. The ease of access to the sea and the agile, simple yet well-kept interiors make it a perfect yacht for those who love to experience the sea in total freedom. It’s an appealing yacht that has already caught the attention of a number of owners during the evening, who have shown an interest in looking at designs according to their personal requests and tastes”.

Floating Life: 2021 in figures

49,500 nautical miles: those covered by the boats in management
480,000 litres: the fuel replenished
85,000 km: journeys made by FL technicians and surveyors for technical and logistical assistance
280 hours: for meetings and onboard briefings by the survey and new build team
153 flights: made by technical staff for survey and maintenance
19 yachts: under management
128,000,000 euros: the total value of the yachts under management
870 metres: length of the FL fleet when moored in line
37 metres: the average length of the Floating Life yachts
2,600: the number of crew in contact and managed in the database
41 skippers: those selected and trained according to the Floating Life standard
750 crew members: the crew wearing Floating Life uniforms
460 charter days: those carried out
21 countries: where Floating Life boats have sailed

(Floating Life Night: one night of 2021 activities and a new line of boats – Barchemagazine.com – November 2021)