Fjord 41 XL, a winning approach

The new twelve-metre boat from the German firm has got a lot of space both above and below decks. There is an unlimited range of customisation options for potential buyers

by Luca Sordelli – photo by Andrea Muscatello

HOW COULD YOU DESCRIBE THE DESIGN APPROACH FOR THE NEW FJORD 41 XL? Nobody does it better than Andrea Zambonini, a project manager who really knows the boat and how it began: «We developed a boat that was completely new based on Fjord DNA. First of all, the higher freeboard allowed us space for more volume inside, and that means greater headroom. The design of the windows is also new, and on the lower deck they provide a lot of light and help to draw the lines of an iconic design».

Fjord 41 XL

The big central T-Top covers an area that is as much as 3.9 by 5.8 metres, and which hides inside it an awning that shades the boat’s stern area.

The DNA to which Zambonini is referring is the one that the Greifswald firm is known for, and is made up of sporty open boats, and modern lines that can be day-sailers, vessels for making short cruises or even luxury tenders. It is a world that is seeing a lot of change, and that is very popular. They are boats for which the most important factor is how comfortable the deck is, but their interiors can have a surprising feeling of space. And this time Fjord has outdone itself.

Fjord 41 XL
Fjord 41 XL

The design of the Fjord 41 XL stems from the partnership between Patrick Banfield, who handled the exteriors, and Darnet Design who did the interiors.

Climbing down the ladder that leads to the lower deck, I was immediately impressed. The headroom midships and in the bow cabin exceeds 190 cm, and there is plentiful light flowing in from the sides. The way through to the stern cabin is located next to the ladder and is a bit tight, but once you’re in you can get around easily and there is more than enough room above the bed. Other strong points on the lower deck are the large bathroom and the possibility of completely separating the master cabin in the bows from the dinette thanks to a double door that slides away.

Fjord 41 XL

The 41 XL also has a lot of customisation options for the interiors. On the lower deck, you have the choice, as well as the most traditional layout with two cabins and one bathroom, of also having a technical area instead of the stern cabin, a galley instead of the dinette amidships. And you can also go for a second bathroom. Owners also have four configurations to choose from Polar, Sport, Elegance and Classic. On deck, we have the same approach. Starting from the free area behind the steering position, which is perfect for storing a tender, to the limitless variants for the arrangement of sunbeds, tables and armchairs in the aftmost part of the cockpit (an area that can be shaded both by an awning that folds away into the T-Top, and (by the bridge) by a collapsible one with carbon fibre poles.

Fjord 41 XL
If you put together the different options available below decks and above, there are as many as ninetydifferent customisations available on the Fjord 41 XL.

«On the deck», says Zambonini, «another fundamental change from the previous version is the position of the supporting structure for the T-Top, which is no longer within the gangways, but flush with the hull. This isn’t just a pleasing piece of design, that links the deck and sides well, but one which allows better circulation on board, and greater strength for the T-Top itself».

Fjord 41 XL

So, there are so many new elements, both above and below deck, but what doesn’t deviate from the Fjord tradition is how nice the hull is. I tried it out on a day of long waves which were not high but were very annoying and the twelve-metre German boat, with two 440 horsepower Volvo Pentas in the engine room and EFB transmission, handled it exceptionally well. It has strong thrust, and beyond 1900 or 2000 rpm, once you get out of the critical instant when it ceases being in displacement mode, the boat accelerates nicely. With the throttles right open we touched 37 knots, which wasn’t bad given the conditions. And that wasn’t far off the 38 knots the yard talks of.

Fjord 41 XL
Compared to the previous model, one of the developments also comes in the location of the anchor, which now comes out on the starboard side of the bow and not with a foldable system on the deck.

I really liked its liveliness and reactivity when you changed course, without it ever feeling nervous in making the adjustments. I also liked the sensitivity when using the trim, when you are sailing in rough waves. Economy cruising speed comes in at around twenty knots, with fuel consumption (4.11 litres per nautical mile) which would make any owner happy. In that respect, the figures that you get as you gradually increase power are also good: at 27 knots you use 4.22 litres per mile and at 34 (fast cruising speed) that figure only rises to 4.33. And finally, praise should be given to how comfortable the steering position is (and here too you can choose between the two different versions, with two or three seats). On the other hand, the quality of the windscreen could be improved: it is certainly spectacularly made as it is in a single piece and without any supports, but the curved parts on the sides tend to distort the view considerably.

Engine room
In the engine room, you have a choice between two Volvo Pentas with sterndrives of 380 or 440 horsepower each. In both cases, to balance out the weight and bring it more amidships, a small axle between the engine and the propellers has been installed.

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PROJECT: Patrick Banfield (exteriors design) Darnet Design (interiors design)

HULL: LOA 12.7m Length 12.15m Maximum beam 3.99m Draft 0.99m Light mass displacement 10,800 kg Fuel tank volume 900 l Water tank volume 295 l

MAIN PROPULSION: 2 x Volvo Penta D6-440 Outlet mechanical power 324 kW (440 hp) Number of cylinders 6 Bore & Stroke 103mm x 110mm Total swept volume 5.5 l Compression ratio 1.69:1 Maximal rotational speed 3700/min Weight 790 kg


PRICE: 436,940 Excl.VAT  – powered with 2 x Volvo D6 440 (optional) (June 2021)

(Fjord 41 XL, a winning approach – – June 2021)