FIM – In the name of sustainability

FIM has launched the 440 Regina, the result of its partnership with CBS and Recarbon for sustainability

by Massimo Longoni – photo by Giovanni Malgarini

FIM is a brand driven by the kind of passion that often comes from a desire to conquer the world. It is led by people with twenty years of experience in the yachting industry, building boats alongside major shipyards, as well as refitting and servicing.

Vannis Marchi, one of the two co-founders of Liu Jo and an FIM boat owner and shareholder, said: «I am delighted to be involved in this extremely interesting project. I have always loved sailing and for the last ten years Corrado Piccinelli has managed my boats with excellent results, great professionalism and availability. I should stress that I use my boat a lot and I sail it alone. So I know what I want on the water». The other partners are Corrado Piccinelli, who is in charge of sales, and Manuela Barcella, a director who is in charge of customer and dealer relations and administration. She also oversees the development of new projects, including the 440 Regina, which made its debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival. The boat completes the range of open walk-around models that began with the 470 and 340. It has a strong, sporty but comfortable feel and is designed to reinforce the distinctive features in the yard’s DNA.

The 440 Regina is designed for on-board living and to be safe and pleasant when under way. The possibility of covering the external areas with an integrated hard top is a distinctive feature. The upper half of the top can open right up, using a system with rolling carbon-fibre strips. It fits in well stylistically with the rest of the boat, and was developed with references to the automobile sector, to provide a sense of dynamism and lightness, qualities that are also created by the steel details and side inserts in back-lit glass. This new model was built in the yard at Cividate al Piano with technology developed by Recarbon, and in partnership con CBS, which uses carbon fibre recycled from the aeronautical industry. Regeneration processes mean it can be reused, with characteristics not far off those of the original product, for boat superstructures. While the 440 Regina uses it particularly for covering panels, which makes it stronger and lighter.

The shipyard in Cividate al Piano is part of a larger production facility covering 20,000 square metres, including 1,300 m2 of offices for up to 300 employees and 4,000 m2 for new buildings.

The FIM yard at Cividate al Piano, in the province of Bergamo, is a modern production facility with around 70 people, both employees and suppliers. In addition to the offices, it includes spaces for design, construction, testing in a tank for boats of up to 50-foot and even an area for the final client handover. Vannis Marchi, at the opening of the FIM production site, said: «It is like reliving the early days of Liu Jo, when you are preparing a project that is still evolving and you have the feeling that you are putting together something that is really important. And the proof that Corrado and Manuela are doing this is the fact that you have all come here to celebrate this very important moment».

FIM Regina 470

Something that stands out at the yard is the spray booth, which in addition to increasing the quality of the paint finish, also means post-curing work can be done. It involves cooking fibreglass and paint for seven to eight hours to stabilise it and made it tougher at resisting the sun. Corrado Piccinelli said: «A successful project is the result of a carefully assembled team, with each member playing an important role and contributing their skills and passion. For the FIM 440 Regina, I worked with professionals in the sector to define the features that would characterise the new generation of FIM yachts. Alessandro Lottici of the aLOT studio created the exteriors, while Arianna Bianchi and Silvia Capelli (LDI Design) designed the interiors».

Fim Regina 440

The FIM 440 Regina is characterised by its adaptable external areas, which are protected by an integrated hardtop that can be opened thanks to a system of rotating carbon fibre slats.

Via Cortenuova, 23
I-24050 Cividate al Piano (BG)
T. +39 035 19964739
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FIM & Design aLOT • LDI Design (interior design)

Length 13.60m • Maximum beam 4.00m • Weight 12,000 kg • Fuel tank volume 2×600 l • Water tank volume 300 l • Waste water tank volume 110 l • Estimated speed 35 kn • People on board 14 • Berth 2+2


Above, FIM – Vannis Marchi, Manuela Barcella and Corrado Piccinelli.

(FIM – In the name of sustainability – – October 2023)