The Fifty by Eleva Yachts The Fifty by Eleva Yachts
A new brand for a new sailing boat which is 100% Italian. Credit for this new appearance can be equally divided with the world... The Fifty by Eleva Yachts

A new brand for a new sailing boat which is 100% Italian. Credit for this new appearance can be equally divided with the world of motor boats

The Fifty is a sailing boat of 16.50 metres overall length. Designed by Giovanni Ceccarelli, it has been made to be fast, and at the same time, easy to handle. The brand that has created it is called Eleva Yachts. It is a brand, because the story which led to the creation of The Fifty starts in the world of motor boats. In 2012, the partners Samuele Poli and Michele Pierleoni opened Carbon Line, a yard based at Fano, in the former Benetti facility.

They started to work as external contractors for Azimut and Benetti, and after a short time also for the Ferretti Group. Revenues grew fast: in 2012 they were just 150,000 euros, then 1.5 million the following year, six million in 2014, nine million in 2015 up to the 19 million they expect to turn over in 2017. There are 170 direct employees, and 130 external craftsmen. They have four production bases, all in the Fano area. «Requests to us as outside contractors are constantly growing in the motor yacht sector, and that is why we had the solid base to invest in the Eleva Yachts project», explains Michele Pierleoni. The project is a serious one and has a solid base, because it can count on a firm like Carbon Line. And it is no coincidence that they don’t intend to stop with The Fifty. The next in line could be The Sixty or something even bigger, but everything in its own time. «When we saw Giovanni Ceccarelli’s design we fell in love with it», admits Samuele Poli. «It is a project that I had been wanting to execute for several years, and now I have found the yard that has got everything needed to do so», says Giovanni Ceccarelli.

While waiting to see it at sea, we visited the yard where the boats are built. We had the best possible guides, because – as well as the two owners of Carbon Yachts – the style was explained to us by Giovanni Ceccarelli himself. Construction quality is very high. The hull is entirely made of resin infusion and the deck of carbon fibre. The idea is to position the boat at the same level as the top Italian sailing boat yards. The declared aim – which is ambitious – is to provide even better quality than competitors, but at the same price.

The Fifty’s lines are clean and essential, something you can see even when it is being built. And what really strikes you is the sheer line, the curve of the deck. It isn’t all at the same level, but at mast height it seems to be almost broken, and looks like a fishing boat, with a the stern lower and the bow higher than the waterline. As well as setting it apart from other sailing boats, a sheer line of this type means that living space in the bows can be gained without making the deckhouse too large. So the lines are sporty, like those called for on a fast cruiser and without over-heavy superstructure. Ceccarelli’s style is that of a design which assists in functionality. It always has been. You can also see this in the bow area. There is a slight angle, but it isn’t as pronounced as those that we have seen in previous years. And the angle here is not just because of fashion, nor is it a way to increase the bow cabin size. It is there to cut through the waves and to ensure that the deck stays as dry as possible. We were very curious to see how The Fifty would handle at sea, and we shall soon be satisfied. We will try it out in a few days’ time at Cannes, where it will make its debut and we will see it again at Genoa. We are sure that it will be noticed, because of its sheer line and more besides.

(The Fifty by Eleva Yachts – – September 2017)

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