Ferretti Yachts 670, twenty metres of happiness

Powered by two Man engines of 1,200 hp each, the Ferretti Yachts 670, with its 20.24 metres in length and 5.38 in width, reaches a speed of over 33 knots

by Angelo Colombo – photo by Alberto Cocchi

Modern boats are increasingly a concentration of technology, engineering research and style, as in the case of the Ferretti Yachts 670. This boat, which is the result of the collaboration between the Strategic Product Committee, the Engineering Ferretti Group Management and architect Filippo Salvetti, encloses features and solutions that were already adopted on the builder’s previous models – the 450, 780, 850and 920– now integrated by interesting innovations that translate into greater efficiency and comfort, as we were able to ascertain for ourselves.


From the point of view of the construction, what truly stands out in the new 670 is the overall quality of the workmanship, both in the composite part and in the fittings. If we take the composite first, it is created entirely with the technique of vinyl ester resin infusion. This technology, which is widely adopted within Ferretti’s factories, results in a reduction in weights that certainly furthers high performances and makes it easier to arrange them in favour of an ideal set-up.

Among the things that deserve special mention is the technical equipment of the engine room, which we do not hesitate to call unusual for a 20-metre boat, starting with the entrance itself, which is constituted by a security door with a control window that perfectly absorbs any noise and vibration coming from the technical room. Everything is tidy and clean, the systems are extremely high quality and can be easily inspected to ensure that nothing escapes the visual control of the crew.


The command and control system, which has been developed in collaboration with Naviop, offers a more than complete picture of the state of operations of all the on-board systems, and makes it possible to manage them directly from monitors or redundant analogue controls. These and other features leave no doubt about the fact that the safety standard with which the 670, as well as all previous models, was designed is very high. Especially in the Italian market, boats of this size always, or almost always, have a crew, but the Ferretti 670 is a yacht that is easy to manage even by a shipowner who loves absolute privacy and chooses to be on board only with friends and family.

Thanks to highly evolved systems, such as the joystick control system, developed by Xenta, a company specialising in the development of integrated steering solutions for the boating industry, based on “helm by wire” technology, this boat is considerably easy to use and offers great precision in manoeuvring even in confined waters. The joystick autonomously controls the rudders, engines, and thrusters moving the yacht exactly where required. We remind you that this yacht has V-Drive in-line transmission, so being able to manage it in such a simple and intuitive way is not normally within anyone’s reach.

Being aboard a luxurious and comfortable yacht almost 20 meters in length with lots of space and high liveability usually means having to sacrifice, at least in part, some “dynamic urge”. On the Ferretti 670, however, all this leaves room for the pleasure of playing with throttle and rudder as if you were steering a much smaller boat, all with an impeccable trim and an assisted steering gear, which automatically returns to a central position after each turn.


The dashboard offers total visibility over the entire horizon and at starboard there is a pantograph door, which allows the helmsman to move quickly from the dashboard to the outer deck, a solution which can usually be found only on much larger vessels. The hull is very efficient and has been completely redesigned by the Group’s engineering division, which has skilfully combined good performance, proportionate energy absorption, comfort and seakeeping.

Interior Design Ferretti Yachts • Exterior design Product Strategic Commitee – Ferretti Group Engineering Depertment – Arch. Filippo Salvetti • Naval Architecture Ferretti Yachts
HULL LOA 20.24m • Maximum beam 5.38m • Draft 1.6m • Light mass displacement 39,500 kg • Full mass displacement 47,500 kg • Fuel tank volumes 3,830 l • Water tank volume 1000 l
MAIN PROPULSION 2 MAN V8-1200 • Outlet mechanical power 882 kW (1,200 hp) Number of cylinders 8 – V shaped • Total swept volume 16,160 l • Maximal rotational speed 2360/min •  Weight 1875 kg single engine
PRICE 1,995,000 € As standard Excl. VAT

Via Ansaldo,7
I- 47122 – Forlì
tel. +39 0543 787511
[email protected]

(Ferretti Yachts 670, twenty metres of happiness – Barchemagazine.com – February 2019)