Estilo 27 TL, Oscar prize RIBS

Estilo 27 TL, the largest boat in the range has a keel that glides through the water. It can reach a top speed of over 44 knots thanks to a Suzuki outboard engine of 300 hp

by Niccolò Volpati photo by Andrea Muscatello

Can you picture those job ads that seem impossible to satisfy? Those ads looking for a young or, better still, very young person, who already has significant experience? However, this oxymoron can sometimes exist. Estilo Boats is a new Italian brand, which made its debut at the latest Genoa boat show with three RIB models.Estilo Boats

However, the company itself is not so young. It was founded in 2002 by Osmar Ramiro, general manager of Maggom Nautical Services, and its headquarters is in the Oltrepò Pavese area. It started out by manufacturing hypalon and PVC tubes for yards that make inflatable boats.

It then went on to manufacture all the components of a RIB, including fibreglass parts, and began designing custom models. It specialises in rescue boats and RIBs for various armed forces around the world. Everything seems to be in place and all that remains to be done is to see how it performs on the water.

Paolo Strazzella accompanies us during the test. He has followed the creation of the 27 step by step, from the design by the technical office to the fitting of the deck. We set out from the harbour in Rapallo on a sunny autumn day that feels more like early summer. It is hot, there’s no wind and the sea is decidedly flat.

When the sea is like a mill pond, all keels perform well. As I start to accelerate I notice that its performance is totally up to standard. The engine develops an outlet mechanical power of 223.71 kW, so it is not massively powerful, but not underpowered either.

Estilo 27 TL acceleration, however, is stunning. Just 2.5 seconds are all that are needed to start planing, getting up to the top speed of almost 44.5 knots in under 20 seconds.

That’s pretty good for a cruiser. I like the Estilo 27 TL waterlines of the hull, and this is not just because of the performance. You can choose between a wide range of speeds.

It starts planing at 2700 rpm at a speed of 11.5 knots. There are therefore 30 knots of potential cruising speeds. This means that you can choose between consumption of 17.4 litres/hour, recorded at the minimum planing speed, and just under 100 litres, which is what is needed to pilot the Estilo 27 TL at full throttle. Its stability is also excellent.

This is partly due to the width of the keel, which helps keep the hull glued to the water at all times. The flat sea is perfect for manoeuvres with tight turns one after the other, but the inflatable can cope with this easily. There is no engine cavitation, even when turning at top speed. Although there are no waves, the Golfo Paradiso is packed with boats of all shapes and sizes thanks to the lovely weather. The larger yachts head towards Portofino.

Travelling across their wake gives me an idea of how this boat would perform in wavy conditions. This test is also passed with flying colours. The keel is efficient when the bow crosses through the wave, both diagonally and transversely. The sensation is one of being aboard a safe boat that is easy to steer. I liked the dashboard because of its shape and because it is big enough to feature an instrument display or plotter.

The aspect I liked least was the windscreen. Design requirements meant that it had to be as small as possible, but I would have liked a bit of extra protection, especially when travelling at 40 knots. There is no awning either, but given that they are used to making custom models, anyone wanting a deck with more extensive fittings would certainly be catered to.

Estilo 27 TL
Project: Shipyard technical department
Hull: LOA 8.10m • Length 6.45m • Maximum beam 3.07m • Beam 1.95m • Tubes diameter 0.56m • 6 Compartments • Tubes material: Neoprene Hypalon • Light mass displacement 1300 kg • Max power rated 400 hp
Main Propulsion: Suzuki DF 300Ap • 4 stroke • 6 cylinders V-shaped 55° • Swept volume 4028 cc • Bore and Stroke 98mm X 89mm • maximum rotational speed 5700/min • 6300/min • 3 blade propeller 15×21 made of steel
Certification EC Cat C -15 people

Estilo – Maggom Nautical Services
Via Aldo Moro 9
I-27050 Casei Gerola (PV)
+39 0383 381093
[email protected]

(Gennaio 2018)