Enrico Crippa, Exclusive taste

He is extremely determined, sure of his ideas and with a clear vision of what he wants, likes and dislikes. He believes in study and knows that he must stay one step ahead of his team if he really wants to have something to teach them

HIS FIRST EXPERIENCE IN THE RESTAURANT BUSINESS, after his graduation at the Monte Olimpino institute in Como, took place when he was sixteen when he worked as a commis chef in the historic Milanese restaurant of Gualtiero Marchesi in Via Bonvesin de la Riva. From here his career really got started, giving him the opportunity to work with some of the best chefs in Europe: Christian Willer at the Palme d’Or in Cannes, Gislaine Arabian at Ledoyen in Paris, Antoine Westermann at Buerehiesel Strasbourg, Michel Bras in Laguiole, Ferran Adria at El Bulli in Roses.

Born in 1971 in Carate Brianza, he received first prize in the Artistic Cuisine Competition in 1990, in Sologne, repeating his success in ’92. In 1996 he started Gualtiero Marchesi’s restaurant in Kobe and worked in Japan at the Rhiga Royal Hotel Osaka until 1999. These three years were central to his cooking experience. He returned to Italy where he looked for a suitable place to open his own restaurant. In 2003 a meeting with the Ceretto family, allowed him to realize this wish and in 2005 he opened, the restaurant ‘Piazza Duomo’, in Alba. In 2006, the first confirmation of his talent when he won his first Michelin Star, and in 2009 he reached a new milestone with his second Michelin star that projected him to the elite of Italian restaurants. On November 14, 2012 Enrico Crippa achieved his third Michelin star.

(Enrico Crippa, Exclusive taste – Barchemagazine.com – May 2015)