ELICA Yachts, bespoke boats

The ELICA group, which is based in Sardinia in Olbia and in Malta in La Valletta, handles sales of second hand yachts of up to 40 metres in length

by Carla Pagani

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed. The old saying by Lavoisier, the founder of modern chemistry, seems to be deliberately aimed at that unlimited universe that exists in the second-hand market, in the nautical sector and elsewhere. Indeed, everything can be transformed. A suit, a house, even a boat. Over recent years, the multi-faceted and varied world of second-hand goods has taken on a new face consisting of professionalism, added value, innovation and creativity.

It is a world that is changing fast and is increasingly crossing over with another area, one that until recently it didn’t have anything to do with – the world of the bespoke, and the made to measure. Why can’t a used boat become new once more, or be redesigned to suit a new client?

Bruno Dessì, CEO of ELICA Yachts

Italy’s ELICA Yachts is a company that proves how all that is possible. ELICA specialises in finding the right boat for clients and accompanies them through the buying process from start to finish. They start with the client’s desires and requirements. Always. So, a tailor-made purchase that can, as far as possible, meet the specific needs of individual clients.

Because a boat, for ELICA Yachts, is like a home, a space that has to reflect the people who use it as much as possible. And that also goes for used boats. «First of all, we assess the client’s requirements», says company founder Bruno Dessì. «Then we look for the right boat and when we find it, we modify it so that it meets the needs of the client even better».

The central character in Michael Zadoorian’s novel called Second Hand, Richard, seeks out and resells things that have “already lived” but are not longer wanted. In this transformation process, objects acquire a new life, they end up in the hands of new people and become part of new places and communities. That also goes for a boat, if one is inclined to look a bit beyond the practical side of things. 

ELICA Yachts completely understands the poetry that there is behind the possibility of bringing new life to a boat that has already sailed through many seas, but which will soon travel over more. And that is how, sea after sea, island after island, coast after coast, owner after owner, a used boat becomes a valuable treasure that secretly hides away things from the past, experiences, feelings, atmospheres, events and emotions, while it takes on a new skin, both inside and out, which reflects the soul of the new owner.

The life of the character from the novel, Richard, changes radically when he meets Theresa, a true “goddess of reused things”. Well, ELICA Yachts is our Theresa and is skilled at reinterpreting a boat according to the personality and lifestyle of the new owner. «More than anything we are true yacht lovers and experts of the market. We exclusively deal with quality boats. Our used boats are guaranteed, and we subject them to tough quality controls and entrust them to the expert hands of technicians who are coordinated by our project managers», Dessì explains. It certainly isn’t child’s play. First of all, they have to pick the best boats that are available on the market, then they have to be bought from owners or companies, and finally they have to be made available to their discerning clients after careful checks and a guaranteed maintenance programme.

ELICA Yachts gives twelve months’ guarantee on boats from ten to forty metres, with ready-to-sail delivery right to quay side. It carries out one hundred checks ranging from bodywork to interiors and the engine, and this pre-delivery inspection ensures efficiency and the best redevelopment of the yacht throughout. And finally, the boat is tested and delivery is carried out with a dedicated project manager.

But the company, which is based in Olbia, doesn’t provide a complete service just to people who want to buy a used boat. They also offer it to people who want to refurbish their yachts before selling them. «A good refit nowadays means getting the best out of working with very specialised professionals from the sector», says Dessì. «That is the only way that you can offer the most in added value and ensure the best yachting experience».

ELICA Yachts, which has already been in existence for eleven years, isn’t just present in Sardinia, but also has an operational base in Malta. Two strategic places to buy high-quality second hand boats.

The company’s results are there for all to see: excellent sales figures, growing turnover and an increase in the number of boats bought and sold. And they have a business development plan with a capital increase and expansion into new markets. We can be sure there will be more to say about the “goddess of reused things”. 

The boats offered by ELICA Yachts come with 12 months’ guarantee, 100 checks carried out, ranging from the smallest bodywork detail to interiors and the engine. This pre-delivery inspection ensures the efficiency of the yacht and that it has been redeveloped in the best way throughout, with a test of the boat and delivery with a dedicated project manager.

(ELICA Yachts, bespoke boats – Barchemagazine.com – December 2019)