Easy Walk 45’ by Vittorio Garroni

Vittorio Garroni: when dreaming of living in freedom, ploughing the waves and setting out to discover the unknown, I have often found myself – as a designer of sailing and motor boats – putting myself into the feet of those who share this same enthusiasm

by  Vittorio Garroni

It is true: the pure sailor does not fear or feel discomfort, despite the inconvenience of the object, while the normal person seeks a life on board that is also able to satisfy the hedonistic part present in all of us. This is why I have often thought about a sailing boat able to offer added comfort and aesthetic enjoyment, despite its modest size.Easy Walk Garroni

However, I find myself having to reckon with all the restrictions imposed on me by industrial production, which often force me to give up ideas that could simplify life aboard.

I therefore thought of an “ideal” boat, free from conditions, where creativity could be given free rein in an attempt to meet all my ergonomic, spatial and design requirements.

The first thing I asked myself was: Why do I always have to climb over the seats in the cockpit, treading on the upholstery, when moving forward? Wouldn’t it be more convenient to be able to access the side decks freely, without having to perform acrobatics? And so Easy Walk 45 began to take shape. By changing the layout of the deck, I managed to create a very convenient and innovative circulation arrangement, which is safe in all situations.

Easy Walk GarroniWhere do I spend most time on my boat? On the deck with my friends and my loyal labrador Sirio, where we can enjoy the sea! So? This is the reason behind the need to create a huge cockpit where everyone can be comfortably seated or lying down, without being crammed together like on a bus, expanding the concept we introduced in the Jeanneau DS range by dividing the spaces into three areas: relaxation forward, dining in the middle, lounge and sea to the stern.

I spend my holidays on board. Will I still have enough room for my crew with all these new features? Thanks to cleverly interlocking spaces, I have fitted in three double cabins, three bathrooms (two with separate shower) and a large living area with galley and bar.

All in a 45’ boat. After being hidden away for two years in my box of dreams, who knows whether this concept will actually be developed, catering to the needs of those who want to experience sailing in a comfortable and innovative fashion.

Settembre 2017