Dufour 530, primus inter pares

The Dufour 530 is the first model of the new course at La Rochelle. The cruising vocation is indisputable, as well as Umberto Felci’s high-performance hulls.

It is the first model of the new course, the first project to see the light since Dufour was purchased by Fountaine Pajot. The designer, however, remains the same – he is still Umberto Felci. Fortunately, because it is a guarantee. Felci’s hulls are always able to give good performance under sail, even if it is a cruise boat with large volumes and capacious tanks. And the new 530’s equipment leaves no room for doubt.

Dufour 530

The beam is 5 meters for a hull length of fifteen and a half. The volumes are remarkable and the layouts very diverse. It comes in three versions: Easy, Ocean and Performance. The first is the basic version that makes simplicity its strong point. The Ocean version, on the other hand, is the richest in accessories and very much devoted to on-board comfort. Finally, the Performance version has a clearer cockpit, an increased mast, and draught.

The Ocean version was on display in Düsseldorf. The first thing you appreciate is the cockpit, both in terms of size and equipment. It’s all about comfort, so much so that there’s even room between the two wheels of the rudder for a sunbed. Also excellent is the solution that allows you to protect the entire area from the sun. Between bimini, awnings, and sprayhood, in fact, the entire cockpit is in the shade.

No garage for the tender, which is hardly ever used. At the stern there is the tilting platform, excellent for access to the sea and, if desired, to accommodate the galley unit with grill. The tender can be hung from the two retractable cranes located aft.

It is easy to move around onboard, there are wide passageways, clear of high and low shrouds and comfortable maneuvers because the winches are placed near the two wheels. In a word, ideal for charter and for an owner who wants to sail without too much effort and not necessarily with a large crew.

The spaces below deck follow the same philosophy, however, offering many different versions. We pass from the super-owner one with three cabins and three bathrooms (above) to the one with six cabins (below), plus one at the far bow for the sailor. In short, it satisfies an experienced owner who doesn’t need help and wants to sail alone or with a few friends, but also who wants to buy it and give it to a charter company. The interior layout with many cabins, in fact, can accommodate twelve passengers and one sailor.

Dufour Yachts,
La Rochelle, France,

Felci Yachts

Overall length 16.35 m – hull length 15.50 m – waterline length 14.43 m – maximum beam 4.99 m – dry displacement 16,193 kg – ballast 4,600 kg – draught 2.80 m – fuel tank 440 litres – water tank 740 litres – total sail area 131 sqm – mainsail 69 sqm – genoa 62 sqm – engine 55 kW (75 hp) – saildrive transmission

(Dufour 530, primus inter pares – Barchemagazine.com – January 2020)