Diamond 145, Benetti delivers the first unit

Benetti has delivered the first unit of Diamond 145, the new flagship of the Class series. Measuring 44 meters in length, Giorgio M. Cassetta’s exterior lines and interiors designed by Benetti’s Interior Style Department.  

Behind the new Diamond 145 is a constant balance between tradition and innovation. The new flagship of the Class range, launched in January and recently delivered to Viareggio, is one of the new models from the Tuscan shipyard that best represents this difficult and fascinating combination.

Exterior lines

The masses of the superstructures of Diamond 145 are refined and dynamic, the hull sides are high and the reverse sheer line is extremely long. The huge glazed surfaces created by the yacht’s exterior designer Giorgio M. Cassetta accentuate the yacht’s length and flood the interiors with natural light.

Cassetta, who has been working with the Shipyard since 2013, commented: “Diamond 145’s size offered the opportunity to develop an imposing vessel with a majestic bearing and highly contemporary detailing, combined with an approach to style that reflects the idea of a timeless yacht”.

The use of teak, steel, and glass recalls the appearance of even larger yachts.  The external stairs, positioned on the left-hand side of the ship, follow one another in total continuity from the entrance onboard to the top of the Sun Deck.


The layout has been designed to emphasize and make the most of the space, both outside and inside. Crew and guest flows are devised to ensure maximum privacy, not least on the sun deck, which at 102 square meters is the most spacious in the category. On this deck, the space in the fore contains a sofa and a dining area with a table, plus a big relaxation and sunbathing area aft.

The upper deck with a swimming pool in the bow houses the large pilothouse, with the captain’s cabin next to a dashboard equipped with an integrated Light Bridge console with a carbon-fiber structure. This particular solution is the result of the first collaboration between Benetti and Seastema, a leading company in the areas of naval automation, navigation, and on-board electronics in all the main naval sectors. In addition, all electronic devices have been placed in special storage on the Main Deck.

Amidships, a large living room with table and relaxation area precedes the outdoor area aft, furnished with a table and several sofas.

The owner’s suite of 60 sqm is located at the bow of the main deck and takes advantage of the full beam available. Here we find a large bathroom, a spacious walk-in closet, and an office area, designed as a separate area that precedes access to the Master.

In the center of the deck, the living area is exclusively furnished with numerous sofas and coffee tables. The intuition of moving the ventilation trunks to a more advanced position than usual has made it possible to create a scenic arched glass door for access to the salon.

Behind the living area opens the outdoor area.

On the transom, full width sliding glass doors open onto the beach area, fully equipped and furnished with sofas and bar, from which you can directly access the sea. To amplify the feeling of contact with nature and eliminate indoor-outdoor barriers, a step of only 20 centimeters separates the indoor and outdoor beach area.

The garage area can accommodate a tender of over 6 meters, two 3-meter long jet skis, and several water toys.

On the lower deck, there are 4 double cabins with guest bathroom, 2 VIPs with double bed and 2 with twin beds convertible into double beds.  The 5 crew quarters can accommodate 8 people in addition to the captain.

Materials and furniture

Onboard are alternated burnished brass, different types of wood ─ including oak – many types of marble – such as Grey Stone and Silk Georgette -, leathers and fabrics, while the dashboard has a glossy treated exposed carbon finish.

Construction standards: “Obiettivo 50” design culture

Reducing and facilitating maintenance requirements, creating a project destined to last over time, giving satisfaction not only to the first owner, but also to those who will follow. Benetti wanted to give this mindset a name: Obiettivo 50. The aim of the Shipyard is to create true classics of the future.

Diamond 145 was therefore born in the sign of this culture. When sailing, you can enjoy a higher level of silence, achieved with the adoption of all possible solutions aimed at reducing noise and vibrations to a minimum: from the transmission system that benefits from an elastic joint and thrust bearings to the dunnage and floating bulkheads on all decks (from the Lower Deck to the Upper Deck), to the bypass valve of the minimum engine exhausts, up to the soundproofing of the exhaust pipes in the main onboard environments.

In addition, the air treatment and recirculation unit (ATU), equipped with dust and water particle filters, ensure fresh and clean air in all areas of the yacht through six air changes per hour.

The fiberglass of the boat’s exterior, as in all models in the Class category, is worked with epoxy putties and painted white to achieve the highest levels of brilliance and aesthetic finish and to guarantee them over time. And with the same purpose, the steels of the decks are still all polished by hand, piece by piece.

Inside, each decorative bulkhead or ceiling panel is marked with a barcode and applied with fitlocks. This makes a quick restoration possible even at a distance and allows future owners to renew the interior design in an easier way.

Engines and autonomy

The engine room houses a pair of 1,400 hp Man 12V, thanks to which Diamond 145 cruises at a speed of 11 knots for a range of 5,000 nautical miles. The maximum speed is 15 knots and the cruising speed is 14 knots.

The delivery of Diamond 145 confirms the success of Benetti’s fiberglass boats, more than 300 units of which have been sold over the years, and anticipates a season that promises to be particularly lively for Benetti, with several different and many deliveries on the calendar, before the opening of the autumn shows.

(Benetti, delivered the first Diamond 145 – Barchemagazine.com – July 2020)