De Antonio D50 Open, superfast custom built

Fifty feet long and it does nearly fifty knots, the D50 is the new flagship of the Catalan yard, faithful to the design that is the distinctive feature of all its boats, but also highly customisable

by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello

Not having a choice is never a pleasant option. We become particularly aware of that when we can only see one road ahead. And when a yard launches a flagship, as in this case, you expect there to be a full range of choices. The boats that De Antonio makes, as we are already aware, are famous for their outboards hidden underneath the stern sun pad. The D50 is no exception to this, but the choices of what to fit on the transom have significantly increased. That is a factor of both on the size of the boat, 14.90 metres overall with a 4.40 beam, and the large range of power outputs currently on the market.

The certification provided by the Catalan constructor says that at most you can fit 1,800 horsepower, and the minimum is 1,200. The boat that I had for the test was fitted with four Mercury Verado V8s each developing 300 hp. The boat behaved very well when manoeuvring. On the bridge, there was the joystick and the four-engine set-up meant that the two pairs could work symmetrically to give direction to the boat. If anything, the problem was with the freeboard.


The De Antonio design has a fairly pronounced side with a good amount of surface exposed to the wind and during the test, there was some blowing. So, the engines managed to move us sideways when we used the joystick, but it wasn’t straightforward. In short, the joystick solves a lot of problems, but it isn’t like a video game: it helps but in certain conditions it doesn’t sort everything out. It is always a good idea when underway to consider natural factors. Outside the harbour wall at Genoa, the first thing that I appreciated was the view from the bridge. The windscreen is unobstructed: it is a single piece of uncurved plexiglass, so vision is optimal and there is no lens effect by the curves. This also gives you a feeling of safety when underway because you feel that you can easily keep an eye on all the other boats around you. There weren’t enough waves to get a good idea of how the hull would behave in a rough sea.

There is ample headroom in the bow, and also in the stern cabin which can be fitted out with a traditional look, or in the living room version with a sofa seating many.

But there was a stiff breeze that, especially a few miles out to sea, made it choppy. It was the chance to check out how dry the deck was. Watching the bow wave, I felt that the water stays well away from the sides of the D50I had feared that while turning the wind would blow some of the splashes on board, especially in the stern, but that didn’t happen. That means that the hull lines play a dual role: they cut through the limited waves that we came across, without any spray reaching the deck. And then there were the performance and aspects that you also assess with hard figures. Four outboards, although they only produce the minimum recommended amount of total horsepower, certainly produce a lot of thrusts. Fifteen metres of length and eleven tonnes in displacement – but the boat only takes six seconds to start planing! The top speed came at a full 46 knots, and the snapshot fuel consumption was reasonable, remaining under 100 litres per hour for each engine.

The D50 is a boat projected and designed for the family. The quality of the design, the refinement of the materials, and the attention to detail do not make the boat overly formal. The boat can be fully customizable with a wide choice of materials and finishes.

There is no lack of room on deck and the walkaround set-up ensures that you can get from bow to stern without any difficulty.

The best performance in terms of the relationship between speed and fuel consumption you get at just over thirty knots and 4500 rpm because that meant just six litres per mile. The only thing to note involves range. The fuel tank holds 1,500 litres, which isn’t a small amount, but if it were a bit more it would have been better. It is a fifty-foot boat and so it is normal for someone to want to use it up and down the Mediterranean. On deck, the steel bitts and the structure that holds up the hardtop both look distinctly oversized and so very robust. I wasn’t much convinced by the jacuzzi system on the bow deckhouse. To fill it you have to remove the cushions and let the seawater in. It was neither here nor there as an idea, I felt: it was neither a comfortable sun pad, as you had to go up the glass-fibre sides to get to it, but neither was it the swimming pool of your dreams. Luckily it is optional, and so you can choose the set-up that you want for the deckhouse.

On the other hand, I was very impressed with the interiors. I was expecting to find a lot of headroom in the bow, but it was really surprising in the stern cabin, which is under the cockpit. Because it uses the full width of the boat, this cabin is a very spacious and welcoming room. Here too you can choose your set-up. One version has a U-shaped sofa and in the centre a piece that works both as a mobile bar and as an additional seat, while the second option is for a more traditional cabin, with a huge double bed.

Engine data
Using outboards doesn’t mean restricting your options. There are numerous different combinations available between 1,200 and 1,800 horsepower. The yard recommends fitting even numbers, so either two or four engines

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Shipyard technical department

LOA 14.90m • Maximum beam 4.40m • Draft 0.70m • Displacement 11,000 kg • Fuel tank volume 1,500 l • Water tank volume 450 l • Minimum rated power 1,200 cv • Maximum rated power 1,800 cv

4×300 hp Mercury Verado • Outlet mechanical power 229 kW (300 hp) • 8 V-shaped cylinders • Swept volume 4.6 l • Maximal rotational speed 5200-6000/min – Transmission ratio 1.85:1 • Dry weight 272 kg


(De Antonio D50 Open, superfast custom built – – February 2022)