Cranchi Yachts flagship to premiere for U.S. market at MIBS 2023

Cranchi Yachts announces its presence at the Miami International Boat Show from February 15 to 19, 2023, with three models displayed in the waters in front of Herald Plaza, the location that the Miami show dedicates to powerboats, motor yachts from 30 to 125 feet and yacht tenders. A perfect location for the Italian shipyard that brings to Florida the E26 Rider, the A46 Luxury Tender and, as a preview for the American market, the Settantotto 78 ft.

Cranchi Yachts’ flagship is a 25-foot flybridge yacht with a true super yacht nature.

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The Settantotto 78 ft is presented in Miami in her Panama Supremo livery, a special white tone selected by designer Christian Grande and the shipyard’s Research Center.

Combined with the glossy black t-top, the hull in Panama Supremo enhances the striking color scheme between the yacht’s structure and superstructure, with the latter being visually lightened. The lines of the Settantotto 78 ft are thus even more streamlined and sinuous and amplify the effect of astonishment that grips in discovering the spacious rooms and generous volumes of the interior, perfectly illuminated by natural light, as suggested by the symmetrical subtractions in the hull that can be read at the level of the main and lower decks.

Four cabins are available below deck, all with bathrooms: three large double cabins and one cabin with twin beds. In each cabin, the beds are positioned longitudinal to the stern/bow axis to ensure the best comfort while resting. The full-beam midships master stateroom with walk-in closet, study or beauty corner gives the feeling of a large luxury suite. Sophisticated elegance and great comfort distinguish the VIP cabin in the bow. The crew cabin, with two bunks and bathroom with separate shower, is also comfortable. The crew cabin, with separate access from the rest of the rooms, also houses the laundry room with washer and dryer. The room is placed between the engine room and the owner’s cabin to ensure the best acoustic comfort to the sleeping area, a comfort to which the sound-insulating coverings applied to all bulkheads contribute excellently.

Large volumes, elegance and functionality are also the hallmark of the deck square, where the galley, saloon and lounging areas are optimally distributed. Unusual detail for yachts of this size is the presence of an additional bathroom also on the main deck.

On the main deck and fly, the yacht offers large open-air spaces, with areas dedicated to socializing and relaxing both aft and forward. These are also complemented by a small beach that can be reached safely and easily. Equipped with a lift that allows it to rise and fall and translate forward, the bridge can become an immense terrace overlooking the sea thanks to the extraordinary surface area granted by the teak-lined garage compartment. Opening the compartment door reveals a large space in which the area set aside for housing tenders and jet skis can be separated from the part closest to the beach where chaise lounges can be placed.

In perfect harmony with Christian Grande’s art direction choices, the Settantotto 78 ft is furnished with elements from the Flexform collections, a historic and dynamic furniture brand made in Italy. The large dining tables, one in the salon and the other in the cockpit, as well as the cozy armchairs and chaise longues chosen for the flybridge: all these free standing elements, and selectable according to the owner’s taste, help to make the yacht original and welcoming, capable of conveying at the same time a feeling of grandeur and intimacy.

The customization program developed by Cranchi Yachts for its flagship is particularly rich, and also includes five décor proposals that harken back to the canons of Italian beauty, with material and color choices that reveal a refined taste and give the rooms a tone of warm, relaxed elegance.

The unit presented in Miami is outfitted with Roma décor, whose mood is particularly popular in markets outside Europe. The essences and elegant fabrics used also for the vertical surfaces recall the tones of the Italian lands while the striped marbles give an unmistakable classical touch to the rooms: the Roma décor ensures the yacht an unmistakable imperial allure.

Cranchi Yachts

To make the onboard experience even more pleasant and comfortable each of the spaces is served by entertainment and home automation systems all easily operated even from smartphones or the helm console thanks to Garmin’s glass cockpit that gives easy access to all systems.

The hi-tech vocation of the Settantotto 78 ft is revealed in many other aspects, starting with research into innovative materials. Cranchi Yachts has come up with a matrix of resins and fibers suited – in terms of directionality and malleability – to the needs of the nautical industry and capable of withstanding the kind of stresses to which a boat is subjected, thus improving the strength and performance of the hull and other structures while at the same time obtaining lighter artifacts. Insulation and sound damping systems have been adopted in all areas of the yacht, and special attention has been paid to the engine room, which houses three Volvo Penta D13 six-cylinder inline engines each capable of delivering 1,000 HP of power when needed. Together with as many IPS3 pods they form a compact, reliable and maneuverable solution: ideal for this large yacht.

A46 Luxury Tender and E26 Rider

Moored alongside the Settantotto 78 ft, Cranchi Yachts presents in Miami two more models with which the Shipyard expresses its different interpretations of the tender yacht.

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A46 Luxury tender

The E26 Rider, with outboard engine, is an innovative bowrider that is extremely versatile: ideal for day trips, it has at the same time a vocation as a luxury tender serving a large yacht or villa. The distinctly vertical bow starboard that characterizes the profile of the E26 Rider conveys from the very first glance the classic and sporty character of the boat, whose vital center is revealed in the cockpit: an elegant area surprising in size, with functional solutions that leave maximum freedom to those who live aboard.

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E26 Classic

The A46 Luxury Tender is a yacht in a class of its own, with distinctive features that also make her ideal as a dayboat or express cruiser. Designer Christian Grande wanted to emphasize horizontal lines: the belt traces a very taut line that is not interrupted by any vertical elements or marks. The entire perimeter of the yacht can be walked safely on the walkable gunwales, never encountering obstacles.

Notable among the many wow factors of the A46 Luxury Tender are certainly the cockpit console with a trio of elegantly sporty styled forward-facing seats, the sides that can be instantly opened by a servo-electric mechanism to substantially expand the cockpit’s walkable surface area, and the extraordinary full-width carbon-fiber T-top: hi-tech, ultra-light and durable, with a blade system that allows the hardtop to open in seconds, creating cuts of light and shadow that give unique suggestions, perfectly in keeping with the refined style of the A46 Luxury Tender.

Cranchi Yachts’ new booth

Cranchi Yachts arrives in Miami with a completely renovated stand. Of great impact are the lounge areas and the environments dedicated to meeting with clients, characterized by selected elements within the Flexform collections. In harmony with the furnishings on board the boats, the shipyard’s stylistic choice combines noble materials and contemporary design, offering visitors spaces that recall a natural well-being with Italian character.

Cranchi Yachts’ sales network will be widely represented in Miami thanks to the large presence of American dealers, who have always been involved in promoting the brand and its range throughout the continent.

To ensure the best experience for visitors to the Cranchi Yachts booth at the Miami International Boat Show, a customized fast pass allowing faster access to the boat area can be requested at

(Cranchi Yachts’ flagship to preview for the U.S. market at MIBS 2023 – – February 2023)