Cranchi Sessantasette 67 ft Corsa, the new sportbridge with an Italian character

Cranchi Yachts announces the expansion of its Flybridge Collection. The range featuring the Shipyard’s most prestigious models will soon be joined by a new model: the Sessantasette 67 ft Corsa.

“With the collection’s first two models, the Settantotto 78 ft and the Sessantasette 67 ft, Cranchi Yachts’ flybridge offering was completely renewed with an immediately recognisable approach which was quickly rewarded with impressive sales numbers,” points out Guido Cranchi, MD and Vice President of Cranchi Yachts.

The Flagship Collection features radical technological content and a sense of refined and relaxed elegance conveyed by the stylistic choices of Christian Grande. The same approach now applied in an original manner to the first model of a new line within the Collection, that the Italian Shipyard has chosen to identify with the term Corsa.

Corsa, meaning race or running, is a word which has more affinity with freedom than with speed,” says Christian Grande. “It indicates a spontaneous way of moving and expressing oneself, a liberating act, the natural search for endorphins and pleasure, the desire to let oneself become drunk with passion, the moment and the outdoors. It is a term which is in perfect harmony with the Mediterranean temperament, and which perfectly describes the character of this new line, starting with its first example.

The Sessantasette 67 ft Corsa is clearly derived from the Sessantasette 67 ft, the flybridge yacht which the Shipyard unveiled in 2022. The differences between the two models are immediately evident, however, if you compare the two profiles.

The superstructure of the Corsa is significantly lighter: the third deck indeed takes on the typical sportbridge layout: an elegant mini-fly without t-top. This creates sleeker lines, giving the yacht a sporty character. The pulpit which juts out further compared to the flybridge model and the red colour accents which set the new model apart help reinforce this sensation. The stripe which marks out and embellishing the limit between the parts of the hull above and below the waterline is red. The word Corsa in the boat’s logo is also highlighted in red. Some of the furniture details are also red.

The Sessantasette 67 ft Corsa features an original selection of materials, as can already be seen on the external deck. The caulking of the teak is grey, while the sunbed and seats featuring an elegant contrasting interplay with the vertical surfaces in black leather and the horizontal ones upholstered in lighter fabrics, always with a subtle but evident red bead at the junction between the two tones. These are also stylistic choices which make the character of the yacht’s real emotional centre special: the stern cockpit, which is effectively a large outdoor seating area with a Mediterranean flavour. The space offered in the Corsa version is even more generous than that in the flybridge version, precisely because this area is designed for meals, socialising and relaxation at any time of day.

The portion of the cockpit sheltered by the upper deck is deep and completely open at the stern to offer a view of the sea or marina free of obstructions. To the sides, two large windows with electric opening provide interplays of light and shadow which are extremely evocative and contribute to the natural ventilation of the area. In order to make this area – served by an extending table, a C-shaped couch and dinette with cooker, refrigerator, icemaker and retractable TV – as liveable as possible, there are also cooling vents for use at the hottest time of the day. Further to the stern, beyond the part covered by the flybridge, is a large sunbed with cushions at the same height as the sofas, to ensure the same uninterrupted view of the sea. For the same reason, the sunbed does not have a fixed backrest, but rather removable cushions which allow the part of the sunbed facing the cockpit to be used as a further seat, served by an original removable pivoting table.

The sunbed is located above the hangar door. In the outside part of the door are stereo speakers to entertain the guests enjoying the beach area. The station features a lift allowing it to raise, lower and move forwards to facilitate launching and recovery of the toys and to ensure the highest levels of comfort for those choosing to relax on the beach area. Opening the door leads to a convenient shower and a garage with sufficient space to house a 3.25 metre tender.

On the side of the cockpit occupied by the kitchenette is a spectacular staircase with floating treads leading to the flybridge, furnished with corner sofa and sunbed. This is the ideal place to experience sunsets both when anchored and cruising, making use of then compact steering console which allows all the yacht’s systems to be controlled.

The concept of the Corsa line excludes the presence of a t-top, a choice which, as well as providing a sleeker profile for the yacht, ensures a lower and more stable centre of gravity and an overall lighter vessel, the latter bolstered by the use of carbon fibre in many components, including the elegant radar mast. The flybridge area can nevertheless be sheltered by a sail sunshade which attaches to four removable rods housed in the lockers incorporated in the sofa. An identical solution can also be used in the part of the cockpit not covered by the flybridge.

Forward of the main deck is an innovative open air living area. In addition to the large sundeck with adjustable backrest, this area offers a real living room set-up with a sofa (in the sailing direction) and two facing armchairs with pivoting tables.

The interior of the main deck is designed as an open space, nevertheless with three distinct areas: the living area with dinette, retractable TV, freestanding sofa and coffee table; the perfectly equipped galley; and the wheelhouse. The living area leads onto the stern outdoor seating area via an elegant glass door, while to starboard, at the level of the control panel, is a door which provides access to the gangways. This door, along with the fully opening door on the side of the galley and the electrically opening upwind companionway hatch, ensure excellent natural ventilation of the interior, as well.

The pilot station is placed centrally for an optimal view, and the large comfortable captain’s chair is flanked by a twin seat to make this space welcoming and sociable. The navigation panel is equipped with the very best that electronics can offer today, allowing the owner to manoeuvre the boat and manage all home automation and entertainment systems with ease.

The staircase leading to the lower deck areas opens up in front of the pilot station. The layout and furnishings of the lower deck are the same as in the flybridge version, with the possibility for purchasers to choose between versions with three or four cabins.

The owner’s cabin is full beam, with double bed in a central position. In addition to the walk-in wardrobe, the suite has ample space for a sitting area with armchairs and coffee table (also ideal as a beauty corner), and a large bathroom designed with three distinct areas: the toilet and shower are, in fact, in separate rooms from the bathroom with its two washbasins. The latter, where light plays on smoked glass, is a continuation of the suite. In the three-cabin layout option, the owner’s suite also has an office area which faces outwards on one side, to make the most of the natural light, and has a full-wall mirror on the opposite wall to further extend the perception of the space. The VIP cabin and guest cabin are also extremely spacious, both with their own bathroom and double bed. As an alternative to the office area connected to the owner’s suite, you can opt for a fourth cabin with bunk beds.

Further astern are the crew quarters, with two separate beds and a bathroom with shower.

Thanks to the Cranchi Atelier programme, three décor choices developed by Christian Grande are also available for the Sessantasette 67 ft Corsa. The internationally renowned designer has selected and combined metals, stones, woods and fabrics to best bring out and enhance the yacht’s environments, creating three different moods; all expressions of a refined taste, tending towards a more traditional or else a more contemporary style. The choices are inspired by the aesthetic canons of Italian design, starting with the names chosen for the three décor lines: Siracusa, Pisa and Milan.

The new model features the same technological equipment and the advanced home automation and entertainment system as the Sessantasette 67 ft, as well as identical engines. The engine room indeed houses two Volvo Penta D13 in-line six-cylinder engines, each capable of providing 1000 HP when necessary. Alongside two IPS3 pods, they form a compact, reliable and manageable solution which, combined with the lower overall weight of the yacht compared to the flybridge version, ensures even smoother sailing and further reduced fuel consumption.

In order to discover every detail of the Sessantasette 67 ft Corsa, you only need to wait for early 2024, when the new model in the Flagship Collection will be unveiled to the public.

Cranchi Sessantasette 67 ft Corsa – Provisional technical data

Non-binding design data / Subject to change

OVERALL LENGTH 20.80m / 68 ft 3 in
HULL LENGTH 18.73m / 61 ft 5 in
HULL WIDTH 5.45m / 17 ft 10 in
WEIGHT WITH ENGINES 41,000 kg / 90,400 lb
DRAUGHT 1.6 m / 5 ft 3 in
FUEL TANK CAPACITY 4,000 l / 880 Imp gal / 1,056 US gal
WATER TANK CAPACITY 900 l / 198 Imp gal / 238 US gal
WASTE WATER TANK CAPACITY 300 l / 66 Imp gal / 79 US gal
GREY WATER TANK CAPACITY 200 l / 44 Imp gal / 53 US gal
MAXIMUM OCCUPATION up to 18 people.
CARENA Aldo Cranchi
DESIGN Cranchi Yachts Research and Development Department
ART DIRECTION Christian Grande

(Cranchi Sessantasette 67 ft Corsa, the new sportbridge with an Italian character – – June 2023)