Cranchi E26 Rider, innate elegance

The Cranchi E26 Rider is an elegant motorboat, which fully embraces the ancient, very Italian tradition of building this kind of boat

by Francesco Michienzi

THE YACHTING SECTOR IS VERY COMPLEX AND HAS A LOT OF INTER-LINKAGE, MATERIALS, information, and trends that span from past to future, with history playing a fundamental role. The return of styles and trends that have cemented their place over the years means that the world of boats is always full of new incentives.

The past should always be the starting point when aiming at an informed evolution. Stylists and designers like to go back to great historic models and bring them to the fore, modernizing them and offering them to a new audience. It is an exercise in style that is also very present in the yachting world too. Let us look at a kind of boat that was very popular in the US in the 1960s, and was also appreciated in Italy – the bowrider.

Cranchi E26 Rider
The boat’s profile and the bridge area give a sporty feel, which is brought out by many refined, and especially well-finished details.

Christian Grande has reworked this style of boat with a modern twist for the Cranchi yard, with the E26 Rider model featuring an outboard engine. The stem and the fluid lines of the hull clearly show how the designer has masterfully handled the shapes and details, to create a contemporary classic.

Cranchi E26 Rider
The skipper and assistant have got their little armchair which can turn to the L-shaped sofa in the stern, and thus create an open-air lounge with the option of positioning the table and creating a very functional dinette.

It is ideal as a luxury tender and is a model that expresses the high degree of refinement that is typical of Italian craftsmanship, and for which the country is famous. The bow deck has a lounge area whose floor is at the same level as the cockpit; it is comfortably reached through an opening amidships and can hold all passengers in absolute safety, even when the boat is moving.

The harmonious development of the spaces and their distribution continues amidships with the cockpit, the true heart of the boat, which is fitted with an area with functional solutions which give those who are staying on board complete freedom.

With perfect symmetry, two large sofas on either side face each other, while the seats for the helm and the assistant can swivel and face the sofas to further extend the area for socializing. To the left of the dashboard, there is a sink and a comfortable toilet compartment.

In the stern, the outboard engine has a swimming platform on either side. They work like a beach area, and both help people get on board and also help to dive into the water and getting out again, assisted by a fold-away ladder.

Cranchi E26 Rider

La carena ha una sezione di prua ideale per affrontare il mare che si allarga verso poppa garantendo così stabilità all’imbarcazione.

We tried out the boat with the 350 horsepower Mercury Verado on a windless day with a flat sea. We had fun doing lots of turns, and creating an area of sea with cross-waves of around sixty centimeters, to try out the hull. It turns well, the propeller doesn’t lose its bite and there isn’t any cavitation. It is not only stable but also easy to handle. You can tighten the turn, and continue turning back and forth, turn back on yourself by turning at maximum. But you never get the feeling that you are losing control. To do a complete turn we needed a circle of just twenty or so meters.

Cranchi E26 Rider
Small, elegant, but with an especially intriguing shape, the Cranchi E26 Rider was designed by Christian Grande. The hull is a project by Aldo Cranchi.

It was comfortable when underway. Going over the waves, the hull was able to avoid spray coming on deck. The acceleration is notable, it starts planing in four seconds, and the top speed is over 37 knots.

Engine data
The E26 Rider is a bowrider that carries a 350 hp Mercury Verado outboard engine. At 28 knots cruising speed, it burns 1.7 liters a mile. Thanks to its 220-liter fuel tank, it has a range of 128 miles.

Via Nazionale, 1319
I-23010 Piantedo (SO)
T. +39 0342 683359

PROJECT: Cranchi Research and Development Center and Aldo Cranchi (hull) Christian Grande (design)

HULL: LOA 8.10m Length 7.80m Waterline length 6.35m Maximum beam 2.49m Draft 0.90m Light mass displacement 2,170 kg Fuel tank volume 220 l Water tank volume 70 l Maximum people on board 12

MAIN PROPULSION: 1 x Mercury Verado 350 hp  – 257 kW


PRICE: 79.450 bare boat, 110.950 powered with Mercury Verado F350

(Cranchi E26 Rider, innate elegance – – May 2021)