Cosmos by Oceanco: attuned with Nature Cosmos by Oceanco: attuned with Nature
Cosmos is a project of De Basto Designs for Oceanco, characterized by an amazing and unique space able to make the on board life... Cosmos by Oceanco: attuned with Nature

Cosmos is a project of De Basto Designs for Oceanco, characterized by an amazing and unique space able to make the on board life in a perfect harmony with the natural environment

by Luiz De Basto

The motivation for the concept  The beach club and side balconies were also born with the intention of getting closer to the water, expanding proximity with the seascape as well as with the sky, the surroundings, near and far.

How to go anywhere in the world, get total immersion in Nature, being completely safe, accompanied by family and friends and in control? Those were the questions I was trying to resolve. Cosmos Skydeck Luiz de basto Cosmos barchemagazine

Glass domes have been around for quite some time in land architecture and they provide a very special feeling, of protection from the elements and at the same time total immersion in space.

I started wondering how different that experience would feel on board, with the added possibility to go different places, day or night, any time of the year.

Regarding the profile the intention was to keep it as simple as possible, just a half dome over a hull.

The profile is not the result of styling or looking for fancy shapes, it was a straightforward result of the decision to create a glass dome.

The shape was further refined to avoid low headroom at the perimeter and by cutting the opening for the front observation deck and lifting the back side for the aft deck door.

For the interior layout several aspects needed to be addressed: how to use the space, how to connect it with the other decks, how to resolve the technical issues such as AC supply and return, etc. and also access to the technical room below the mast.

It was of course possible to make this deck private, completely dedicated to the owner, an option still available if requested. However, I decided to go for a social approach, making the large space accessible to everyone on board, a multi-use room, with a piano bar, conversation area, gaming tables, and an area for listening to music, for dancing, for karaoke, etc. or just enjoying the view.

Cosmos Skydeck Luiz de basto Cosmos_ Barchemagazine

Luiz de Basto

On the aft side of the dome a dining table and a media room can be installed. For the construction of the dome several very different structural frames could be adopted and along with the Oceanco engineering department we tried out a few. Finite element structural analysis proved some were better than others.

Finally, we settled on an orthogonal grid with transverse and longitudinal elements but having the transverse ones angled forward.

The reason for this was not only for aesthetics, even if they provide a more dynamic profile, but to improve visibility forward, so the thickness of the beams are not so conspicuous.

One very important detail that demanded careful attention was the glass itself, how to use it and control such a large amount. Conversations with world-renowned specialists in glass construction gave us the confidence that with today’s technologies the concept is perfectly feasible.

Not only that, but the fact that with the use of special types of glass we can achieve total control over the UV and solar exposure reducing the AC consumption.

An iPad menu can turn the glass completely opaque along with other options to create total privacy when necessary and also providing different mood sets by controlling each glass panel individually, by zones or globally.

When the glass is turned opaque the effect on the interior will be very much like a regular ceiling. In fact, the side windows are independent from the ceiling ones so it’s possible to have the same look of a regular room covered with solid ceiling and transparent windows. Cosmos Luiz de basto Cosmos barchemagazine

To clean the glass on the outside, the crew will use a combination of radial harnesses from the mast and suction cups plus water jets placed at regular intervals in the structure.

To enhance the entertainment possibilities, the beams have a LED strip inserted into them with RGB technology so light and colour effects can also be controlled from the iPad menu.

We think the result is a spectacular and unique space, so attuned with Nature that we decided to name the space under the dome Sky Deck and call the project Cosmos.

(Cosmos by Oceanco: attuned with Nature – – October 2017)

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