Conrad Shipyard Celebrates in Gdansk – Poland Two Decades of Maritime Excellence

Conrad Shipyard marked its illustrious 20-year journey with a grand event held on Sunday – August 27th, at the historic Old Manege in Gdańsk, Poland. This exceptional evening brought together over 350 distinguished guests, including employees, co-employees, designers, business partners, clients and company friends from around the world to honor the legacy built on precision, vision, and most importantly, to celebrate the employees at Conrad.

The event opened with an outdoor cocktail reception, live music, choir performance and many more. Amidst the elegant atmosphere, the event served as a poignant reminder of Conrad Shipyard’s relentless pursuit of excellence since its inception two decades ago. The evening transitioned into a seated gala, which started with the opening speech of Mr. Mikołaj Król – CEO at Conrad Shipyard.

Many individuals and entities who have made their mark in the history of Conrad Shipyard were honored during the official part. On behalf of Madam President of Gdansk – Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, the Vice President of Gdansk – Mr Piotr Kryszewski handed over two special Orders of President of Gdansk to Mr Czesław Kowalczyk and Mr. Stanisław Bobowiec from Marine Projects Ltd. and who are unofficially called “the fathers of Conrad Shipyard”.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Conrad Excellence Awards. Seventeen individuals and organizations were honored for their exceptional contributions to Conrad’s legacy. The statuettes were received on stage by: Janusz Kostro, Paweł Polak, Sebastian Ziomkowski, Marcin Czarniawski, Sławomir Piasek, Juliusz Strawiński, Frank Neubelt. Reymond Langton Design, Diana Yacht Design, Marine Projects Ltd., Yacht Service Brokos, Yachdon Jacek Kozlowski and Pep Pelin Waldemar Jurewicz. Special awards were also given to trusted customers: the owners of the “Viatoris” and “ACE superyachts. The last award from all the employees was received by the CEO of Conrad S.A. – Mr. Mikołaj Król.

To add a harmonious touch to the evening, renowned Polish artist Grzegorz Turnau graced the stage with his performance, enchanting the audience with his music.

As Conrad Shipyard reflects on the past two decades, it is essential to recognize the origins of this remarkable voyage. It all commenced with a visionary project from Marine Projects, a commission to craft a luxurious superyacht. This undertaking catalyzed the birth of Conrad Shipyard, an odyssey vividly portrayed in this video: Conrad Shipyard: Two Decades of Excellence.

At the core of Conrad Shipyard’s identity lies a deep commitment to maritime craftsmanship and dedication that the company has been built on. Each Conrad creation serves as evidence of the meticulous work of its team and the innovative spirit that propels the company forward.

Craftsmanship and Team at Conrad have been presented in the videos: 20 Years of Conrad. Episode 2. Our Team or 20 Years of Conrad. Episode 3. Craftsmanship

With upcoming developments, including the production of the forthcoming C144S models, Conrad Shipyard remains steadfast in its mission to push the boundaries of innovation and craftsmanship in the maritime world, ensuring its legacy continues to sail boldly into the future, with a boutique customer service and family atmosphere at its heart.

The next important event for the Shipyard will be the upcoming edition of the Monaco Yacht Show, where the company will display its award-winning flagship superyacht ACE.

(Conrad Shipyard Celebrates in Gdansk – Poland Two Decades of Maritime Excellence – – September 2023)